Entrepreneur Anthony DeGalbo On His Education Company OnlyOptionsTrades

OnlyOptionsTrades provides live classes for anyone interested in personal finance, the stock market, real estate, or any other financial markets.


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Online trading has continued to gain popularity as people look for more lucrative online opportunities. The stock market has opened up to retail investors, and now anyone with some cash to spare can trade on a global scale and take advantage of different markets where they feel they can get good returns. But like any other industry, trading is complex, and not everyone who has started their journey in the field has made it to the other side.

There is a lot of misinformation in trading. The “get-rich-quick” mentality peddled by many in the market and the influx of automated ‘done for you solutions’ promising instant results have seen most enter the field blindly and lose thousands. This inspired Anthony DeGalbo to launch an online education service, OnlyOptionsTrades.

Anthony DeGalbo is an American investor and entrepreneur. He has been an entrepreneur since he can remember, finding various online businesses such as TheMMAGuru.com. This online experience allowed him to start the online educational company OnlyOptionsTrades. Anthony noticed that there were limited resources on trading, and as a newbie, finding your way around the trading space was quite challenging. This is why most fall for the automated ‘done for you’ solutions.

OnlyOptionsTrades provides live classes six nights a week for anyone interested in personal finance, the stock market, real estate, or any other financial markets. The classes (culminating in a four-week course) cover more about these topics and how to use your spare time to grow your secondary income.

Anthony DeGalbo and his childhood best friend Justin Hamm hired a large 15 person team of full-time analysts, teaching all experience levels the various types of options trading, including day trades, scalps, and swing trades. They recap the market and look at the current market conditions. Anthony also uses the opportunity to share lessons he has learned on his entrepreneurial journey.

According to Anthony, trading in the stock market is a job like any other; there will be wins and losses. But most people get carried away and greedy. They get into trading with the mentality of overnight success, and when things don’t go as expected, they get into irreparable losses because they didn’t protect their trading capital.

Having been through the trade motions, the OnlyOptionsTrades team uses their experience to help others. They are showing their thousands of members how they can utilize the available resources to plan their trade and keep their losses to a minimum.

OnlyOptionsTrades provides new and old investors with the tools and education needed to succeed in the business world. They have hundreds of recorded classes you can revisit and watch on your own time. Their unique approach has enabled them to redefine investing, changing the lives of thousands of traders worldwide. OnlyOptionsTrades generated more than 3.3 million in their first full year of business, 2021. The platform has thousands of monthly subscribers who use their educational tools to learn about various finance and business topics.

The outstanding performance in the stock market following the COVID sell-off enticed new investors. For many, the gains were just too good to pass up. But unfortunately, not everyone has managed to grow their trade. As Anthony DeGalbo continues his entrepreneurial journey, his team helps thousands of paying monthly members learn daily. His learning platform, OnlyOptionsTrades, focuses on equipping members with in-depth knowledge and skills to navigate the market. OnlyOptionsTrades is planning to launch an app and a new website in the coming year, which will help them educate more people and more topics.