Fame Media Founders Kamran Zahid & Nuran Rahman Discuss The Future Of Modern PR

Zahid and Rahman’s Houston-based agency is quickly becoming a frontrunner in the PR industry.

Nuran Rahman (Fame Media)

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Kamran Zahid and Nuran Rahman are the founders and CEOs of Fame Media, a Houston-based company renowned for catapulting brands and influencers to fame through cutting-edge digital and social media marketing. Under their visionary leadership, Fame Media has emerged as a frontrunner in the PR industry, distinguishing itself through innovative approaches to brand storytelling and engagement across various digital platforms. The conversation below with Zahid and Rahman explores the evolving landscape of digital marketing, the challenges ahead, and the critical role of authenticity in shaping a brand’s narrative. 

Your transition from managing meme pages to leading a successful PR firm is unconventional. Can you share the challenges you faced in this transformation and how you overcame them? 

KZ: It was certainly a unique transition. One of the main challenges was shifting our mindset from casual, viral content to more strategic, business-focused communication. We had to rapidly upscale our understanding of the PR industry, learn about client management & earned media, and develop robust strategies that aligned with our new goals. 

NR: Another challenge was credibility. Moving from meme pages to a professional PR setting required us to build trust with our clients. We focused on delivering results, which helped us gradually build our reputation in the industry. 

Kamran Zahid (Fame Media)

Fame Media has been recognized for its unique approach to online branding and PR, especially in 2023. What do you attribute this success to? 

NR: Our success lies in our ability to innovate and adapt. In 2023, we didn’t just follow the trends; we set them. We focused on creating tailor-made strategies for our clients with guarantees in place, something not typically offered by traditional PR firms. 

For those looking to grow their business and social media presence, what advice would you give? 

KZ: The key is to always view social media through the lens of your industry’s users. Take Instagram, for example. Most users engage with stories and direct messages, so these areas warrant your focus. Your profile should function like a polished digital business card, making a strong impression at first glance. This principle applies across all platforms—understand the user and tailor your content accordingly. 

Also, be strategic about building your social media team. Hiring in-house can limit you to the expertise of individual team members, who often specialize in just one platform. Remember, each social media platform caters to a different audience, demands varied content types, and reaches distinct demographics. It’s crucial to have a grasp on the content suitable for each platform, know how to optimally edit and post it, and understand the frequency of posting. This is where working with an agency can be advantageous, as they bring a breadth of expertise across multiple platforms, ensuring a well-rounded and effective social media strategy. 

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge the industry is facing today? 

NR: The primary challenge we’ve observed, especially with high-level clients, is the lack of time. Many potential clients, who stand to gain significantly from our services, often feel they don’t have the time to invest in their brand. This is understandable. High-level professionals should focus on their core expertise, not on learning video editing, filming, or social media posting. That’s where specialists like us come in. 

Additionally, navigating the unique landscapes of the six major social media platforms—Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—is complex. Each platform has its own content preferences, engagement requirements, and most critically, distinct algorithms. What works on one platform may not work on another due to these differences in programming, content display, and engagement strategies. Plus, considering these platforms are owned by different entities, their goals for advertising, virality, and data collection also vary. Aligning a brand’s presence across these diverse mediums while maximizing engagement and adhering to each platform’s unique algorithms is one of the industry’s most significant challenges. 

Anything else you want to share? 

KZ: I’d emphasize the importance of authenticity in today’s world. Your brand’s story is its heartbeat, and crafting it shouldn’t be a solo journey. It’s a serious endeavor, reflecting your past experiences and the path that led you to where you are now. Our journey with Fame Media wasn’t fabricated; it’s a culmination of extensive experience, numerous business ventures, and diverse projects. These experiences have been like a snowball effect, leading to new opportunities and shaping our story. 

Remember, no one starts with a compelling story. It evolves as you grow, both personally and professionally. That’s why it’s crucial to work with experts who not only understand your message but also bring a track record of business success. They can help articulate your journey in a way that resonates with your audience and reflects your authentic path to success.