Guy Sheetrit Combined Creativity & Luxury At The Accessnation Glam Gala In Dubai

The inaugural Accessnation Glam Gala was one of Dubai’s most extravagant events, featuring stellar musical acts, fine food and luxe activations.

(Guy Sheetrit)

Presented by Pius Boachie

Accessnation dazzled with one of the hottest events in Dubai on August 2. Accessnation Glam Gala lived up to its name as a truly elegant night enjoyed by a plethora of VIPs. 

The event opened up with the man of the show, Guy Sheetrit, making a grand landing with a G360 private jet. Stars of business and music followed suit as they arrived in some of the most luxurious cars and convoys that Dubai has ever seen. The gala is to thank for sparking new connections as strangers turned friends and acquaintances turned potential business partners. 

Networking is not the only thing the event had to offer—Accessnation blessed the guests with all-night thrills. World-class performances were enjoyed over delightful meals marked by wide smiles dignified discussions.

With a commitment to supporting individuals with unique abilities and talents, Accessnation has created a platform that overcomes barriers, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and industries. The exquisite event delighted attendees by incorporating a burst of business brilliance, with a side of musical artistry and a splash of luxury.

(Guy Sheetrit)

Accessnation was not in this alone—organizers worked closely with strong brands like Papa Dubai and Over the Top SEO (OTT). Accessnation and its partners organized a remarkable, first-of-its-kind event, artistically curating a night where VIPs from various walks of life came together. Dubai proved to be the perfect location for the inaugural Accessnation Glam Gala. With Papa Dubai at the helm of Dubai’s entertainment and luxury experiences, guests were met with a night of glamor. 

But if Accessnation Glam Gala could be represented by a single person, it would be Sheetrit. The multifaceted individual fully encapsulates the versatility of the event. When he is not dominating musical stages, he is trumping the world of business through technology and marketing. Sheetrit boasts of innovative marketing strategies and demonstrates an unparalleled ability to scale businesses from 10x to 100x growth over the past decade.

Sheetrit, a senior executive and founder of OTT, graced the gala with his presence as the main musical act. He was later accompanied by the Rubber Band, renowned instrumentalists from Israel, who put on an outstanding performance.  

These brilliant musical sets were well-wrapped with highlights from business, musical, and luxury infusions. Accessnation Glam Gala also featured a “Pull-up Challenge,” spotlighting renowned figures like Amber Rose and Mo Vlogs.

(Guy Sheetrit)

Accessnation maintains a strong mission centering on the promotion of rare talent and art while celebrating excellence in business and music. Their budding partnership between Papa Dubai, and Over the Top SEO (OTT) helps to bring this vision to fruition. By merging their expertise, the formidable team has created a transformative platform for networking and connections.

They stand as industry leaders, each having earned their accolades in their respective domains. As trailblazers in curating exceptional events and offering stellar digital marketing solutions, they brought their expertise to ensure an unforgettable experience. Their journeys have been marked by well-deserved recognition, awards, and remarkable success, cementing a spot at the forefront of innovation.

The success of the event serves as a testament to the hosts’ exemplary work. Accessnation Glam Gala truly epitomized the essence of elegance, bringing a harmonious fusion of entertainment, business brilliance, and opulence to the heart of Dubai’s dazzling landscape.