Hayes Thomas On Building A Booming Luxury Concierge Company

HCT Concierge operates every hour of the day to provide the best luxury service in London.

(HCT Concierge)

Presented by Luke Lintz

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. Hayes Thomas began his luxury and lifestyle business in 2014 and ran the business himself before hiring an additional staff member who now assists him. The ex-defender for Romford had a long thought process before deciding to venture into the luxury industry. 

During his time as a footballer, he experienced several shortcomings with a few luxury brands. 

After his leg injury in 2014, he developed and birthed HCT Concierge. In his quest to make a difference, he invested almost all his savings into the business. Skepticism did run through his mind, but he knew he had to take the risk. He single-handedly developed the business plan and automatically had a vision, mission, and goal. He had his target audience and knew how to target their problems. 

One thing elites and high-profile individuals want luxury companies to find are solutions to their problems. Sure, they have wants and needs, but sometimes they have problems they never knew existed. And so, Hayes made it his mandate to create a leading lifestyle business. What he didn’t realize was how global his concierge company was going to get. His company started in London, United Kingdom, with a few staff and inventories. 

Most people don’t know this, but before he started HCT Concierge, he was a nightclub promoter and table booker. Managing himself, he made connections, developed relationships, and used his experience as a case study to guide his business. He pinpointed what was lacking and how he could bring resourceful expertise into his concierge firm. 

The people he met during his solo table booking days referred him when HCT Concierge began operations. He offered the best service in London. Hayes started pretty small for a cut price to gain his audience’s attention. He has affiliations with private jet companies, wineries, five-star hotels, high-class restaurants, and lots more. These years made him the business relationship expert he is today.

“I started as a nightclub attendant and table booker. I never had an easy path to my journey, plus I lived in a bad neighbourhood. I built several connections and decided to start my own concierge business. After seven years, I’m proud to say that I’ve worked with the biggest stars to provide exceptional services in transport, nightlife, events, fashion, holidays, and restaurants.”

Hayes understands the importance of giving his client the best experience possible. If he could cross borders to get a bottle of champagne, he would do it. Frequently, some clients want the best-grown grapes or the oldest wine from Spain. He had to get it to meet their standards. HCT Concierge realizes that people want comfort at any cost. They want all processes to be seamless with excellent results. 

HCT Concierge operates every hour of the day to provide the best luxury service in London. His business, which runs on a single word-of-mouth outreach, is growing into a multinational concierge company. 

After a few years of providing high-class services for his clients, he decided to follow the latest trend and stay current. He analyzed his business and concluded that if he continued on the rosy path, he might hit rock bottom. He reasoned that he needed to upscale no matter what it took. After many drafts and late nights brainstorming, he came up with HCT Finance.

“When I ran out of room to grow and scale, I knew technology was the only way I  could go. And merging the consumers with FinTech hasn’t been done before. It was an opportunity to be the first in the market.” 

HCT Finance was born to meet the latest technology and diversify customers’ wants. With the app, it’s a swift process to book flights and other commodities under the HCT Finance app because all services are displayed for the user to select. 

The consumer can fund a card to purchase such services on the app. It immediately notifies them of the next available opportunity, and the team takes it from there. With the app, consumers can also fund the specific account for the HCT Finance application.


To stand out is to be devoid of fear and risk. Hayes Thomas embodies this philosophy as founder and CEO of HCT Concierge lifestyle services. The multimillion-dollar company started from scratch. 

Hayes has shown great skill and craftsmanship in the luxury industry. If anyone knows how to cater to his clients, it’s Hayes Thomas.