How Arka Packaging Founder Phillip Akhzar Is Doing What Amazon Can’t

Arka Packaging is a billion-dollar business founded by Phillip Akhzar.


Presented by Tom White

The packaging industry has seen a shift in demand during the last couple of years due to the exponential growth of e-commerce. However, finding quality material and the most advanced packaging solution is still a challenge for most direct-to-consumer businesses. While the industry has seen a surge in cash flow, the lack of efficiency is still a concern holding it back from gaining complete potential. Arka Packaging is closing the gap by offering what businesses need to grow.

Arka Packaging is a billion-dollar business founded by Phillip Akhzar, who noticed a gap in the industry and decided to bridge it with winning products. Arka is able to consider the amount of packaging on a warehouse floor. Which is like Amazon knowing what’s in your fridge based on consumption compared to time, which they haven’t mastered yet.

He is definitely not your typical entrepreneur. Born to immigrant parents, Phillip managed to overcome numerous challenges since childhood. He suffered from a life-threatening disease when he was 15 and recovered when he was almost 23, losing many precious years. He struggled to maintain a strict diet and restricted lifestyle to regain his health. These hardships helped him develop a unique perspective on life, which eventually shaped his career as an entrepreneur.

Phillip is currently a successful serial entrepreneur. He is a Y Combinator Alumni and the owner of a business venture worth billions. As the brain driving Arka Packaging to scale new heights, Phillip is also a sustainability and supply chain expert. He was listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Business and Industry Figures for 5 years in a row. Being in the packaging business, Phillip knew the majority of his customers came from the e-commerce industry. He explored the space to develop an insight into the industry, generating huge sales for his business.

Now Phillip shares his knowledge of e-commerce as a Shopify course expert helping other aspiring entrepreneurs find success in this industry. Besides business, he is a gaming enthusiast. He is an elite champion at Super Smash Bros, a crossover fighting game series published by Nintendo. Phillip loves to explore new opportunities in business, which has helped him stand out with Arka Packaging, even though there are several other providers in this industry.

Arka Packaging specializes in boxes, poly mailers, and supplies. To overcome significant challenges in the packaging industry, Phillip ensures that all products at Arka Packaging are eco-friendly and reasonably priced. The company ships worldwide and is known for the fastest turnaround compared to any other company in this space. Arka Packaging’s growth did face a setback during the pandemic due to supply chain issues, but Phillip managed to overcome those challenges to keep the business afloat. His strong relationship with suppliers helped Arka Packaging thrive even in these trying times.

Now, Phillip has automated the entire supply chain system to be less involved in the operation and contribute more toward strategizing systemic growth. Automating the whole supply chain was challenging for Phillip, but he aced it to ensure the business doesn’t suffer even in difficult times. He is a firm believer in hard work and knows his business will grow only when it resolves a crisis in the market and helps other businesses thrive.

With this vision, Phillip is looking forward to being the leader in packaging boxes, earning hundreds of millions in revenue every year. He wants to see more than 50 percent of warehouses sourcing packaging materials from Arka Packaging in the coming years.