How Audrey Nicole Diamonds Creates Expertly Crafted Custom Engagement Rings

This upscale online jewelry service works one-on-one with customers to design elegant and personalized pieces.

(Audrey Nicole Diamonds)

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Audrey Nicole Diamonds is transforming the luxury jewelry industry by delivering a one-of-a-kind concierge experience for customers seeking bespoke pieces and engagement rings.

Founded by Sherri Nourse, the brand combines the art and beauty of jewelry with a unique online shopping experience headlined by ultra-personalized service.

Nourse saw a void in the jewelry marketplace for a personal concierge experience dealing in luxury jewelry and engagement rings. She recognized an online jewelry service’s potential to provide customers with an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry stores, which typically pass costly overheads onto the customer.

Additionally, the brand has taken note of the recent upswing in demand for “genuine” jewelry, rather than just costume jewelry. Consumers are now searching for jewelry that combines exceptional quality and design with customization and individuality.

(Audrey Nicole Diamonds)

Audrey Nicole Diamonds caters to this demand by offering 14K and 18K gold and diamond jewelry—many of their collections feature a mix of precious and semi-precious stones. The brand also offers custom engagement rings, unique jewelry creations, and beautiful pieces for everyday wear.

Nourse aims to revolutionize the high-end jewelry market by skillfully fusing her clients’ love stories, friendships, and significant events with exquisitely-made engagement rings and personalized jewelry. Audrey Nicole Diamonds incorporates the legacies of their clients and couples into each custom engagement ring by integrating individual personalities, styles, and family heirlooms into her creations, thereby elevating the significance of each piece of jewelry.

Audrey Nicole Diamonds’ customization process begins with a personal consultation. The client and team hash out the design of the ring or jewelry piece, from selecting the perfect stones to striking a balance between function and fashion. After finalizing the design, the piece goes into production with world-class gem setters and highly experienced bench jewelers. Upon passing a multi-point inspection, the piece is finalized with finishing and polishing before delivery.

(Audrey Nicole Diamonds)

With the client’s involvement in the design and creation process, the ring becomes more meaningful.

For instance, Audrey Nicole Diamonds customers have placed halos and notes that are only visible to the wearer beneath the ring’s setting. Another customer engraved “LOVE ALWAYS” on a diamond that can only be seen with a 10X magnifying glass—the significance is that she knows it’s there. Others have inscribed a secret message from their partner the inside of the band as a symbol of their love.

Because two out of three engaged couples are choosing lab-grown diamonds, Audrey and Nicole Diamonds is catering to that demand as well.

According to Nourse, “ I won’t give up on ethically mined-diamonds, but I am 100 percent onboard with our gorgeous lab diamonds that are virtually indistinguishable from Earth-mined diamonds, oftentimes featuring better color and clarity, not to mention lower pricing.”

Just as her clients’ custom pieces hold special individualized meanings, Nourse’s business is especially close to her heart.

“The inspiration for the name comes from my independent, hard working, entrepreneurial, and two-time national beach volleyball champion daughters who are paving the way in female athletics with their brand @beachvolleyballtwins. They inspire me everyday,” Nourse says.

(Audrey Nicole Diamonds)

In a time where personalization and individuality are highly valued, Audrey Nicole Diamonds is leading the way in providing a truly unique and personal experience for their customers. Discover the jewelry they design through at, or check out their engagement rings  and beautiful jewelry styles on Instagram @audreynicolediamonds, TikTok @audreynicolediamonds, and Facebook  @audreynicolediamonds.