How Blockchain Expert Brian D. Evans Saw The Future Of Cryptocurrency

This Inc. 500 Entrepreneur helps make crypto and Web3 less complex for the entrepreneurs, investors and even the casual user.

(Brian D. Evans)

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Cryptocurrency is gaining worldwide acceptance as a legitimate form of payment as more and more businesses, governments, and individuals recognize the potential of this revolutionary technology. Today, big companies like Microsoft, Home Depot, and Overstock recognize and accept crypto assets as payments, and many people have invested in different cryptocurrencies.

But crypto isn’t a new term. It has been here for years, and there are a few brave souls who invested in it when it was still a “fringe technology.” One of these people, now leading the way in this industry, is Inc. 500 Entrepreneur and blockchain/web3 evangelist, Brian D. Evans

Brian saw the future of cryptocurrency when the world was struggling to grasp this new and complex technology, and he took a leap of faith. He has been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies with over one million followers on Twitter, helping others find their way and bring their ideas to life. Brian has been invited to speak at global events on the topic and writes for leading financial outlets, like Forbes and Coin Telegraph, about cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Lately, Brian has focused his attention on the broader Web3 space. He is a super angel investor and advises, incubates, and acts as an ambassador for projects and the industry. 

Brian started several companies in the space, including BDE Ventures, Affinity Collective, and ReBlock Ventures, which was recently acquired by BDE Ventures. Through these companies, Brian helps people learn and make money in crypto and Web3 and creates awareness of new projects.

Affinity Collective is an exclusive mastermind group for Web3 high achievers, while BDE Ventures is a marketing and advertising agency catering to the Web3 space. BDE Ventures invests in early-stage Web3 projects and provides marketing advisory.

As the founder of the top online media brand Influencive, Brian is leveraging his experience and connections in digital marketing to assist Web3 project founders in building awareness of their projects. Brian has worked with some of the most prominent figures in the industry and helped projects find $30 million-plus in funding. 

Brian says one of his goals is to make crypto and Web3 less complex for the entrepreneurs, investors and even the casual user. He is doing this by finding, nurturing, and evangelizing for the Web3 and video game space and curating a well-connected network. His Affinity group recently launched Affinity Accelerator as well that is designed to teach the layman everything they need to know about web3/blockchain/crypto/NFTs in 30 days.

Brian has made dozens of early-stage investments in the video game sector and is active with portfolio companies, one of which is Alpha District, a Star Wars-esque universe with a unique narrative storytelling angle. Alpha District partnered with one of the world’s top video game writers and creative directors, both from the Top 5 global franchises and a game studio that has earned over $1 billion in revenue. 

Brian also recently joined the Web3 reality show, The Next Crypto Gem, as a judge. The Next Crypto Gem, which seeks to introduce the cryptocurrency industry to the mainstream in a dramatic format that promises fun and intrigue, will feature business tycoons, celebrities, and top crypto influencers. Brian is one of the three judges; the other two judges are Layah Heilpern and George Tung.