How Ebony Kenney Became One Of The Winningest Women In Poker

Ebony Kenney, a professional poker player for ACR Team Pro at Americas Cardroom, recently took home $1.7 million at a top tournament.

(Ebony Kenney)

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The growing popularity of digital media is impacting the daily lives of people worldwide. From ordering food and groceries to consulting doctors, everything is now possible from the comfort of your home. This technology has also brought poker, the universally-loved card game, from casinos and private clubs to laptops and phone screens, allowing anyone to be a player.

Ebony Kenney, a professional poker player and currently one of the winningest women in poker, believes that the game is for everyone irrespective of gender or socioeconomic status.

Ebony Kenney is a professional poker player for ACR Team Pro at Americas Cardroom. She joined ACR in 2020, but her winning career in poker started in 2007 at live poker tables. She made headlines in 2017 after racking up serious live earnings, which included five figures for finishing first at the Rio Deepstack event.

Ebony went online in 2019 to share her poker experience with people worldwide on her Twitch channel. In less than a year, she earned a substantial base, justifiably so, considering her impressive actions in live streams.

Besides being a professional poker player, Ebony wears several hats to inspire women globally. She is an author, dating and confidence coach, social media influencer, model, self-described pleasure engineer, mother, and the CEO and founder of

Her dynamic career shows that a woman can do anything she puts her mind and soul into. There is also another side to Ebony as a philanthropist. She played in a celebrity poker tournament hosted by ACR that raised millions of dollars to feed the hungry across America. Ebony topped that event among 65 entrants, which included celebrated names like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jon Hamm, and Bryan Cranston.

Achieving this kind of success in a game of skill did not happen overnight for Ebony. Initially, she suffered self-doubt and was easily affected by anyone saying anything to her at the table. With time, experience, and the support of her friend, Phil Nagy (ACR CEO), Ebony found the confidence to face the unpredictability of poker with attitude. She is now more confident about her goals and is unafraid of being herself in any situation life throws at her.

This confidence helped Ebony become the first female poker pro selected to play in the Coin Rivet Invitational poker tournament in Cyprus. She became one of the winningest women in poker at the tournament, taking home $1.7 million.

Ebony’s win at the Coin Rivet Invitational is frequently searched on the internet as people find it intensely engrossing. It is by far the greatest achievement in her career as it was the 5th-largest cash win for a woman in poker history.

This achievement has ranked Ebony in the 16th position on the Women’s All-Time Money List. Her accomplishments show that the simple realization of self-worth can make a woman unstoppable in any field.

As a coach, Ebony wants to help others discover the same confidence in themselves so they can fearlessly pursue their goals. She dreams of becoming the best poker player in the world, evolving her skills, and also establishing that poker is for everyone.