How FirmTech Is Revolutionizing Men’s Health By Improving Their Sex Lives

“Put a ring on it” just got a whole new meaning.


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If you ask Dr. Elliot Justin about the most important issue in men’s health, he’ll tell you that it’s erectile fitness. Unfortunately, it is also one of least discussed issues, surrounded by shame and stigma.

Justin has committed Firmtech to addressing the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED), a disorder that affects 20% of all men. By the time they are 50, that number jumps to 50%, and it increases by 10% for every decade that follows. Despite the numbers, men experiencing ED often find limited options for care – and because of their reluctance to seek qualified medical help, much of their treatment involves buying pills online for a temporary fix. For men older than 50, or with diabetes or hypertension, this is the wrong choice.

Justin was searching for a long-term solution to the problem, a way for men to experience more enjoyable sex while also improving their overall health. As the creator of the FirmTech Tech Ring, he may have achieved both goals.

The FirmTech Tech Ring (FTR) fits securely around the base of a man’s penis using soft elastomer material, making it easy to use, pleasure enhancing and comfortable to wear during sex. The proprietary composition is only the beginning of what makes this device revolutionary in the world of erectile fitness. With innovative embedded sensors and Bluetooth technology, the FTR measures important ED metrics and erectile fitness metrics, such as the number of nocturnal erections, duration of erections, firmness, and force of ejaculation. Think: an EKG for the penis.

By offering real-time data on erectile fitness, the FTR provides users with incredible insight into their vascular health, as the number of nocturnal erections is an important indicator of vascular health. This tracker can also help men figure out other factors that cause or improve ED, such as medications, recreational drugs and alcohol, diet and exercise.

It functions like other popular health and fitness trackers in the industry, monitoring metrics in real-time and sending data directly to an app on the user’s smartphone. In an age in which wearables become part of everyday life, Justin the FTR “is the world’s first under-wearable, the first smart maletech”

The FTR can track a user’s sexual health index score (SHIM), which will allow users to compare their score against their age-graded norms. It also promises to usher in a new world of gamification in men’s health—a method to not only track your own score but to anonymously compare it with other users from around the world. Now, instead of erectile function being a source of shame, hidden from public view, Justin foresees a future in which sexual health becomes a source of pride for users, similar to other health-related metrics.

“Guys are going to want to know what their score is, they’re going to want to post it on their dating profile,” Justin says. “A woman joked with me at a party recently that a man might drive a Porsche, be handsome, make seven-figures, but if his erectile fitness score is low, she would not be interested. Guys are going to know their number and they’re going to want to brag about it.”

He adds, “Men will also see that erection rings are not crutches, but enhancers of pleasure for men with ED and without.” Plus, the location of the latch on our patented design can increase clitoral stimulation for female partners, too.

If men start taking their erectile fitness as seriously as they do other aspects of their health and fitness, then the FTR will completely change men’s health. For Justin, that is what it’s all about.

“If I’m working out at the gym with a trainer, he has a plan. He has a circuit, and we’re going to do these 10 or 12 exercises and I can monitor my pulse, heart rhythm and oxygenation while doing it.”

Th FTR functions in much the same way, giving feedback to users and guiding them in changes they can make that will improve their SHIM. It is a revolutionary new device that will not only make men healthier but happier, too.

“My hope is that going forward, as people develop positive relations with their wearables, they exercise more and are more willing to follow a diet – wouldn’t it be great if this led people to pay more attention to the things that interfere with erectile fitness?”

“If that motivates people in relationships to have more sex, that’s good too, because I don’t think people are making love enough.”

FirmTech was founded by Dr. Elliot Justin and focuses on developing products that encourage fun, enjoyable sex for men of all ages, while empowering them to better understand their health and the impact of medications, supplements, personal habits, vices and exercise on their sexual wellness.

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