How Fisher Capital Is Helping Americans Profit From Precious Metals

These rising entrepreneurs are on a mission to build the world’s largest precious metal retailer.

(Fisher Capital)

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The precious metals industry has seen a rapid rise in the United States, and Fisher Capital Group is at the forefront of this growth. Founded by Alexander Spellane, the company is now the fastest-growing retailer in the country, thanks to the dedication and hard work of its rising stars Donovan Southwood Strydom and Nicolas Durst.

Alexander Spellane, the CEO of Fisher Capital Group, made his first million in the precious metals industry at 27. Recognizing his ability to sell and build relationships, Alexander set out to create the best gold and silver agency in the country, with top-notch customer service as the cornerstone. With a team of veterans and his determination to succeed, he has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth.

Donovan Southwood Strydom, Senior Vice President of Fisher Capital Group, immigrated to the US with his single mother and only $5,000. Overcoming significant obstacles, Donovan achieved great success managing the daily sales and operations of Fisher Capital Group. He molds top talent and drives incredible growth, personally overseeing over $50 million in precious metals.

Nicholas Durst, a California native and Army Paratrooper veteran, leveraged his incredible grit and determination to become a vice president at Fisher Capital Group. He’s consistently a top producer and successfully leads his core team to achieve great results. Nicholas’ leadership has broken records and completed the largest transactions in the firm’s history, earning him the role of Vice President and Broker of the year.

Despite their young ages, Alexander, Donovan, and Nicholas rose quickly to the top of the precious metals industry, and their achievements are nothing short of extraordinary. They are leaders in their fields and share valuable life lessons that helped them overcome their biggest challenges.

For Alexander, the biggest challenge was relinquishing control and appointing the right people to help him succeed. He realized this industry is complex, and helping clients is very important. Securing top-level talent that clients can trust was a significant challenge and one of his proudest accomplishments.

Donovan’s biggest challenge was gaining a foothold in a highly-competitive industry. As an immigrant, he had to learn very quickly that the best person in the room is the hardest working, and to be the best, he had to consistently outperform not only everyone else but also himself.

Nicholas grew up poor. Although physically, mentally, and emotionally grueling, his time in the military fueled his natural grit and determination to succeed. He’s now a passionate leader and determined sales professional.

When asked about their goals for Fisher Capital Group, the three rising stars have ambitious plans. Alexander believes that the sky’s the limit for Fisher Capital, and the company will be the nation’s number one precious metals company. Donovan’s goal is to make Fisher Capital one of the nation’s biggest names in gold and silver while driving each of his agents to their fullest potential and securing financial security for all Americans.

Nicholas sees Fisher Capital becoming the largest precious metals retailer in the nation with the best after sales service, that offers clients even more, if not superior, opportunities outside of traditional investments

As Fisher Capital continues to grow and evolve, one thing is clear: Alexander Spellane, Donovan Southwood Strydom, and Nicolas Durst will remain the driving force behind its success.