How Former Chef Ryan Buttigieg Created A Digital Empire

Buttigieg’s Change Mentor Hub has evolved into a training platform for people who want to build their own successful businesses.

(Ryan Buttigieg)

Presented by Luke Lintz

Many employees who are stuck working 9-to-5 jobs experience burnout. The situation was much more dire for Ryan Buttigieg, back when he was working 14-hour workdays as a chef.

For nine years, Buttigieg worked from nine in the morning to 11 o’clock at night. It would have been less tedious if it meant he made a killing, but that wasn’t the case. He was in the grind every day, and with two little girls to support, he was barely making ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck.

He hated that life.

Buttigieg knew he couldn’t go on like this forever—or he’d miss all the most important moments in life, especially with his two daughters growing up fast.

“I wanted to be able to spend more time with family while still providing everything they needed,” said Buttigieg. “I always heard about people making money online, and I reached that point in my life where I realized it was time to take the leap and do things differently. I know if I wanted a different life, I needed to do something different.”

This realization pushed Buttigieg to join a mentoring program that taught him how to do affiliate marketing and e-commerce. Within months, he started to see a huge transformation in his life.

“I was networking with like-minded individuals who were generating five, six figures a month,” he said. “That inspired me to put the work in so I could also get to those levels of financial freedom —for me and my family. They’ve always been my main purpose and biggest inspiration.”

A year and a half of doing e-commerce allowed Ryan Buttigieg to finally leave the job he hated. Without the suffocating 14-hour grind, he was able to focus more on wealth-building than mere survival. Along with his brother, Reece, Ryan started building a number of online stores. They also dabbled with Amazon FBA, and hence a digital empire by the name of Change Mentor Hub was born.

Starting out as nothing more than an e-commerce brand, Change Mentor Hub has evolved into a training platform for people who want to build their own successful businesses.

“My brother and I quickly realized we had a passion for helping others,” says Buttigieg, explaining their decision to turn Change Mentor Hub into a mentoring program. “At first, we were just helping family and close friends. But as we were receiving a ton of messages through social media from people who are curious about our success, we decided to create a full-blown training program.”

Kicking things off with a few videos explaining strategies that Ryan and Reece used to grow their own stores, it didn’t take long for Change Mentor Hub to gather its first 20 members. And from there, Buttigieg says things just blew up.

“People really appreciated getting access not just to the strategies we were teaching, but also to the network of highly successful people we had,” says Buttigieg.

Over the last three years, Ryan Buttigieg through Change Mentor Hub has taught hundreds of people the ins and outs of dropshipping, white labeling, private labeling, and B2B marketing, which Buttigieg says is the biggest opportunity in e-commerce right now.

Out of all the people he has helped in the last five years, however, Buttigieg is most proud to have changed the lives of his parents.

Buttigieg’s decision to pivot from being a chef to running his own digital empire allowed him to not just spend more quality time with his partner and their kids—it also empowered him to give back to his parents.

“This might sound a little bit cliche, but retiring my mom and dad will always be one of my greatest successes,” Buttigieg says. “My dad used to work 15 hours a day as a taxi driver, while my mom looked after my kids. Being able to help them enough so they could no longer work will remain as one of my biggest achievements coming off the back of what I do.”

Buttigieg’s success has attracted a lot of curiosity and awe, but he says it doesn’t take much to gets started down the path that led him to a life of financial freedom and abundance.

“You could start from as little as $399,” says Buttigieg. “That’s all you need for our basic membership, which suffices for you to gain access to our most basic training, all the tools and resources, as well as the network you can use to build your own successful digital empire.”

Buttigieg, who waited nine long years before making his life-changing decision, urges other dreamers not to wait too long. He says there’s no time like the present to start building a life of freedom and abundance.