How Hunter Johnson Went From Homeless Teen To Tech Millionaire 

The 25-year-old founder and CEO of Global Informatics has turned his virtual data information aggregator into a seven-figure brand.

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The road to building a successful business venture isn’t easy. There are countless obstacles, from lack of support from friends and family to self-doubt, fear of failure, and even financial instability, making it hard to implement your ideas. This was the case for 25-year-old Hunter Johnson.

When Hunter Johnson created his first-ever video game, he was 13 years old. He didn’t know much about the business world. Hunter was just a young kid who loved video games and wanted to monetize his passion. Five years later, Hunter was still following his passion but not close to his dreams. If anything, his situation had gotten much worse.

Hunter was 18 years old and homeless. He didn’t have a place he could call home, and the only assets in his name were an old laptop and a phone. He recalls sitting at Mc Donald’s for up to 13 hours a day just to use their internet, charge his laptop and phone, and then sleep on the benches in the street. This went on for a while, and when not on the streets, Hunter was couch-surfing with friends while trying to find a stable means of income and rebuild his life.

Hunter was tired of his lifestyle then. Hunter knew he had to move fast if he wanted to achieve his goal of a financially free future. He continued pushing and working hard to create video games. He was also doing other minor jobs. 

After two years of nothing but hard work and resilience, Hunter Johnson finally had his big break. Hunter signed on to a popular YouTube channel dubbed The Atlantic Craft. He helped them create a promotional series for a video game. This saw the channel take off, and Hunter started receiving recognition for his fantastic work, which opened the door for more opportunities for the young dreamer.

Hunter had a place to call home, and he even enrolled at Arizona State University. Even though things were finally going well and Hunter was pursuing his degree, he felt something was missing. Hunter was not confident whether college was the right path for him, and he felt there was a smarter and quicker way to make money. He took a risk and dropped out of university in his second year.

Hunter started trading while still making video games, and it was then he came to learn about his current data business. Hunter is the Founder and CEO of Global Informatics—an information aggregator in the virtual data space.

Together with his team, Hunter writes proprietary algorithms for given information sectors that compile all known data on the web about a given subject. His skills and background in game design have allowed him to grow Global Informatics into a seven-figure brand.

From sleeping on the streets to now generating seven incomes in one month, Hunter has attained his goal of financial independence. He built a successful venture at 25, changing the entrepreneurial space. Global Informatics is diving into larger projects, including future goals of creating a Craigslist-style online marketplace.