How ‘Insurance Elevated’ Puts Well-Being & Innovation At The Forefront Of Life Insurance

The burgeoning health and life insurance company prioritizes satisfaction of both agents and clients above all else.

(Eric Bosworth/Insurance Elevated)

Presented by Sara Smith

Life insurance has always been controversial for companies with high stakes due to its negative public perception. Insurance Elevated, a life and health insurance provider, has stepped in to revive the industry’s public perception, enhance the work culture for professionals, and prioritize client-centric values. Insurance Elevated led by Eric Bosworth is more than just another insurance company; it is a visionary force that ensures the well-being of both clients and agents. 

The inception of Insurance Elevated started with an inspiring story and a deep insight into the industry. The founder’s journey began in the trenches of a traditional insurance agency. It was a typical job of an agent in a space fraught with high-pressure sales with no client-centric values. Amid all these disturbing experiences, the founder had a pivotal “aha” moment. It was a realization that blending lucrative commission structures with a seamless operational model could create a proven strategy for agents to find success without compromising on client-centric principles. This realization paved the foundation for Insurance Elevated. 

Despite all the skepticism and criticism, Insurance Elevated has risen above all the doubts to become a catalyst for change. With a laser-sharp focus on its vision, Insurance Elevated solidified its position, consistently evolving based on constructive feedback. The company made necessary adjustments while relentlessly upholding its mission to prioritize the prosperity of both agents and clients. 

Transparency forms the core value of Insurance Elevated. During the interaction process with every client, the company is careful to remain as transparent as possible by providing Google review links and practicing screen sharing throughout the quoting and application process. This approach has earned Insurance Elevated a long list of loyal clients who are not merely customers, but informed partners who want to secure their financial future. 

For Insurance Elevated, true success transcends profit margins. It comes with a healthy work-life balance. Following this ethos, Insurance Elevated advocates mindfulness and actively supports its team in tackling professional and personal challenges. Whether they are top producers or team leaders with family commitments, the company supports their responsibilities. It celebrates them by featuring one team member and their child as the faces of its “Children’s Whole Life” campaign. 

Travel is an enriching experience that exposes us to diverse cultures. Insurance Elevated has integrated travel into its work culture to help employees develop different perspectives and foster empathy and flexibility. These are the values embedded in the company’s business philosophy. Insurance Elevated now boasts a diverse and expansive workplace, enabling an environment where multiple ethnicities and backgrounds converge to discuss meaningful ideas and insightful perspectives. 

Insurance Elevated’s commitment to the well-being of its agents is not limited to policies or travel. The company follows a unique “Schedule for Success” with a two-hour midday break to promote a harmonious work-life balance. Agents utilize this break to prioritize their well-being through outdoor time, exercise, or relaxation. It reflects Insurance Elevated ethos in recognizing the vital connection between physical health and mental well-being. 

Insurance Elevated is introducing a welcoming change in the insurance industry, not just as a company but as a philosophy. It is committed to simplifying, personalizing, and prioritizing the well-being of both clients and agents. The company is creating a proven path for agents to navigate through the intricate world of life insurance, where the focus is not just on policies but on building a secure future for all.