How Jadore Fancy Used Business Relationships To Achieve Success

The women’s fashion brand built itself from the ground up by creating stellar vendor relationships.

(Jadore Fancy)

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A good relationship need not be limited to your loved ones only. It can be the basis of everything you do and everyone you meet. Well, saying “everyone” might be a bit of a stretch. But you can certainly cultivate a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the people you work with.

And in many cases, that could turn out to be the sole reason behind your success. Jadore Fancy, a brand that sells extremely stylish outfits for girls who want all eyes on them, built itself from the ground up by creating stellar vendor relationships.

Unless you have a niche idea, you will most likely be told that the market is saturated if you want to start a business. Yet the world never runs out of success stories coming out from the same verticals. The ones succeeding must be doing something right then.

While each may have their own secret sauce, for Jadore Fancy, it was all about building strong vendor relationships.

The boutique’s founder says, “I started out alone. I had little money and little support. But one thing was clear—if I was ready to ride it out, success was possible. Once I knew becoming a retail entrepreneur wasn’t a complete shot in the dark, I decided to look for support.”

“Since I came from a simple family that had no interest or knowledge about fashion, I had to find support out in the world. And who better than those I would work closely with, i.e., the vendors? These are the people from whom I buy the items for my store. They need to know me, understand my requirement, and deliver. I can’t order them around and expect them to choose me over their other clients. Money can get your foot in the door, but you really need a good attitude to get the rest of you inside. Building a mutually beneficial relationship with my vendors suddenly became my priority. And thank God for that!”

Thank God, indeed. Today, Jadore Fancy has three outlets in the US, and their vendors are distributed all over California and Miami. The time the boutique’s founder spent shuttling between these places to interact and coordinate with the vendors has paid off massive dividends. Today, Jadore Fancy is among the first stores to get notified when a new shipment arrives. This puts them exactly where they want to be—on the top of every fashionable girl’s go-to shopping destination list.