How Legiit Marketplace Founder Chris M. Walker Introduces Customers To Freelancers

Walker is the President and CEO of Superstar SEO, Superstar Academy, and Chris M. Walker Consulting.

(Chris M. Walker)

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The gig economy is booming. There are more than 57.3 million independent contractors in the United States. By 2028, experts predict the number of freelancers in the United States will have reached a peak of 90 million. Freelancing is an excellent career option because it allows you to establish your own working hours and fee structure.

But how can a freelancer even get started? With so many options available, competition among freelancers is fierce. There are a lot of freelancers for clients to sort through, so freelancers have to cut their rates to compete.

Consider the possibility of a market where everyone gets paid fairly. Chris M. Walker is an ardent company owner who has founded multiple successful companies. Walker is the President and CEO of Superstar SEO, Superstar Academy, and Chris M. Walker Consulting. He is also the owner of Profiit Academy, where he teaches others how to create six- and seven-figure enterprises without the need for outside investment. Walker has been invited to become a part of the exclusive Forbes Technology Council.

With Legiit Marketplace, clients from all around the world can easily find the top-tier freelance talent they require to complete their projects. Walker developed Legiit into a network that facilitates communication between top-tier businesses and independent professionals.

Legiit is unique in a number of ways that will become apparent once you give it a try. Contracts and hourly rates are not required, and the site is uncomplicated and easy to use.

Walker stresses that the platform has additional features that many users may be overlooking. Walker and his group post encouraging messages and client support information on the site to foster a sense of community and provide assistance.

Walker frequently recommends that independent contractors take advantage of this situation by doing the following:

Use Search Engine Optimization

With SEO, you may more easily attract new customers. Having the best photo or qualifications isn’t enough to make a splash if you don’t employ search engine optimization strategies.

Make Yourself a Go-To Source in Your Field

This can be accomplished by providing insightful answers to questions posed by business professionals on websites like Quora. Build your reputation as an expert in your field by offering a paid or free online course based on your experience and expertise. 

Keeping Current Knowledge Is a Crucial Step

A fresh product or service is always available. That something new could be anything from a method to a set of skills to a way of thinking. Constantly push yourself to learn new things and grow professionally.

Walker believes that in the coming years, independent contractors will outnumber traditional employees by a significant margin. The swarms of shoppers in bustling malls present a golden opportunity, and you may take advantage of it by signing up with Legiit. 

Participating in the site’s large, dynamic, and active community on Legiit’s Facebook is something he recommends to freelancers and clients looking for high-quality services. Walker and his team are always available to answer your questions and provide support.