How Niklas Nikolajsen Acquired An Impressive Arms Collection

This crypto pioneer and founder of a successful crypto trading business is an avid arms collector.

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Firearms have been man’s muse for centuries. Proud collectors across the globe have methodically preserved, studied, and collected ammunition – for their artistic viewing pleasure, historical importance, and as a way to fulfill their desire to examine sophisticated design and manufacturing techniques. Niklas Nikolajsen, a crypto pioneer and the founder of a successful crypto trading business, is an avid arms collector. A man with varied pursuits, he recently unveiled his impressive arms collection.

A Collection Unlike Any Other

When you think crypto investor, a profile like Niklas Nikolajsen’s is hardly the first thing that comes to mind. His weapons collection boasts vintage and modern guns and ammunition, creating quite a striking showcase. Featuring both international and domestic arsenal, his selection of assault rifles features guns manufactured from a number of countries and across centuries. 

The Unique Side of Niklas Nikolajsen’s Arms Collection

But what makes his collection so unique isn’t just the fact that it holds one-of-a-kind munitions worth millions of dollars. The arms collection gained even more exposure because of Niklas Nikolajsen himself.

The entrepreneur is as excited about his weapons collection as he is about trading cryptocurrencies. When asked, Niklas Nikolajsen is more than happy to share the historical significance of each seemingly unassuming firearm. A history buff by nature, he always has fascinating stories up his sleeves. If you were to converse with him on the subject, you are sure to leave the conversation with a wealth of information. It is the valuable nuances that you would never be able to learn on Wikipedia or see in a museum. Niklas Nikolajsen’s long-standing passion for history and reading has made him a repository of knowledge on the subject. 

Born From Passion, Built with Love

“This valuable collection was singularly born out of passion. I enjoy collecting firearms – antique and modern. Some for their masterful builds, others for fine engravings and golden inlaid masterpieces. While others applaud my pursuit as a clever investment, I see it for what it really is: a labor of love.”