How Numo Gummies Help Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

The gut health supplement company’s treats pack a nutritional punch.


Presented Sara Smith

Proactively maintaining holistic health is a growing desire of many health-conscious consumers. Whether an individual is trying to lose weight, boost their metabolism, or get better sleep, it all starts with building up strong foundational health.

The goal of high-quality health, whether specific or comprehensive, should always start with the gut. Cleveland Clinic reports that the gut microbiome plays a role in digestion, metabolism, and inflammation. There is also ongoing research about the ways that the gut interacts and works with the brain, liver, heart, and lungs.

This intimate connection is what inspired the creators of Numo Gummie to launch their innovative supplement brand. Numo Gummies have a systemic impact on bodily health by taking care of basic foundational needs and targeting specific outcomes, such as losing weight or getting a better night’s sleep.

The Numo Gummy Journey

Numo is a Gut Health Supplement company. The group that developed the brand, including CEO John Occhipinti, has a track record in the health food space, particularly when it comes to combining health with convenience. With Numo, the focus has always been on building foundational health in the gut microbiome through convenient, unique gummy supplements that pack a nutritional punch. 

With gut health in mind, the Numo team drew heavily on their past knowledge of the importance of organic and fermented foods. While these kinds of ingredients are important for maintaining a healthy gut, they aren’t always easy to find. Nor are they convenient to bring to the office, the classroom, or anywhere a person might travel on a regular basis.

With these benefits and challenges in mind, the team at Numo put their heads together and came up with the perfect solution: a one-of-a-kind gummy supplement that contains live cultures from fermented foods.

Numo’s Unique Approach to Health

With Numo, proactively optimizing health is the primary goal. While gummy supplements are common, the way Numo prepares its products is singularly unique.

Competing products are typically filled with sugars, chemicals, and other ingredients that can harm your gut microbiome. In addition, they use a high-temperature production process. 

In contrast, Numo creates ACV gummies using a cold manufacturing process. They fill these gummies with natural apple cider vinegar packed with active cultures from “the Mother,” along with an abundance of acetic acid.

This means Numo’s supplements have as much as 100 times the number of live cultures compared to industry standards. They are packed with probiotics and are uniquely suited to deliver a host of benefits.


The Benefits of Numo Gummies

Numo supports a solid foundation of gut health. This is the first step in setting a baseline for a healthy lifestyle.

When an individual has a strong gut microbiome, it leads to numerous additional side effects. For example, a healthy cut can enhance digestion and nutritional absorption. It can also help with sleep, inflammation, and immune and brain function.

Numo prioritizes maintaining a well-balanced gut as the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. The brand seeks to proactively address health by helping the body function organically at a high level through the added aid of a single source of supplemental nutrients.

Numo Is Backed by a Deep Personal Commitment to Health and Wellness

A large part of the Numo approach to business is influenced by the wisdom of their CEO’s personal commitment to health and a well-balanced life. “The key to true happiness lies in being happy ‘with’ and happy ‘in’ your life,” Occhipinti explains. 

The health and wellness executive details that the “with” part of that equation involved finding enjoyment in accomplishments. He adds that being happy “in” your life requires savoring the journey of life, not just the destination. It requires being in the present moment, not stressed about the past or the future.

“Stress stands out as the biggest opponent to a healthy lifestyle,” Occhipinti continues. “When we are unhappy ‘in’ our lives, stress takes a toll on our bodies, leading to inflammation and numerous health issues.” He adds that this stress often manifests in the gut. 

This is the same place where trillions of non-human microbes break down food into nutrients and send signals to the brain that everything is working well. Managing stress ensures that those processes remain copasetic over time.

There are numerous ways to preserve gut health. Some of these are external. Practicing destressing techniques and yoga are good examples of this. Exercise is also important, as is feeding microbiome bacteria through the right nutrients. Fermented foods and fiber, for instance, contribute to overall well-being by maintaining a balanced and healthy microbiome.

Occhipinti has brought this experienced approach to holistic health to his company. “At Numo, we are deeply passionate about the intricate connection between mental health and the gut,” he declares. This commitment has seeped into every fiber of the company, influencing its image and growth over time.

Cultivating Health the Numo Way

Numo is a brand focused on building a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. It takes a holistic approach by starting with the gut.

A healthy gut naturally elevates an individual’s metabolism. This leads to a slew of additional health benefits that make it easier for individuals to live in the moment and be happy both “in” and “with” their lives.