How Paul Alex Built A Multimillion Dollar ATM Venture

The founder and CEO of made the jump from law enforcement to entrepreneurship.

(Paul Alex)

Presented by Luke Lintz

In 2021, the founder and CEO of transitioned from the world of law enforcement into business and entrepreneurship. Not an easy feat for anyone.  

However, Paul Alex was used to hard work. Alex came from an immigrant family consisting of a Mexican father and a Peruvian mother, who believed in hard work. 

At 15, he started a summer job to support his family. Alex recognized his business-oriented skills at a young age. After working an hourly job, he attended a community college after high school to fast-track his college application. Two days before his 21st birthday, Alex got his first job as a commission-based sales executive. He had to adapt to a new environment, especially with colleagues twice his age. 

“You are your environment. You are who you’re around. And at the end of the day, if you don’t have your parents around to guide you, you have to work. And I worked for this corporate chemical sales company, and the first year was great. I did the training. It was commission-based, and I learned a lot from my co-workers. I was extremely introverted then, so I didn’t know how to talk to people,” states Alex.

Alex outdid himself in the sales job role. After a few years, he was fortunate to be promoted to a management position and received multiple awards for achieving yearly quotas for the sales company for multiple years. He always loved serving and protecting, but something in him kept wanting to pursue his lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur. He wanted to explore other creative options. 

“During the time I was transitioning to law enforcement, quite a few of my co-workers spoke about how difficult the selection process was going to play out. They instead spoke about how no matter what, I could always come back and work in sales. They were already counting me out before I could decipher the kind of mindset that they had. It wasn’t the optimistic kind. It was from a negative place, and as I got older, I got more experience in life. This is very common, especially in entrepreneurship. This helped me develop and excel in entrepreneurship much faster than most people. Keeping a positive mindset helped me a lot when I launched,” Alex adds. 

Keeping a positive mindset helped him achieve his dreams and determined his company’s longevity. When he joined the police force as a beat cop, he did exceedingly well and quickly rose to the rank of detective. He was quickly assigned to the special task force. He worked round the clock, weekdays and weekends. Within his two years in the task force, he had only one day off per week. 

“I’m a big family guy.  And I was barely seeing my family. I was barely seeing my siblings. Barely making time for my relationships outside of work. That was when I knew I didn’t need a 9-5 job to make a living; I needed something I could invest in for the long run,” says Alex.

He made the difficult decision of transitioning from the world of police and detective work to finding a side hustle. He was a total newbie with no experience. At first, it was a hard adjustment. 

He began to understand the intricacies of automated teller machines (ATMs). He researched and read case studies to gain a proper footing in the industry. 

Through his leveraged credits, he bought his first six ATMs. After several relocations of half his machines, he wasn’t finding locations for his ATMs. He immediately hired a mentor to help him upscale, re-strategize, and possibly find a solution to his stagnation. 

After conducting more research, he uninstalled and relocated his ATMs. Within the third month after the mentor’s help, he made his first $3,000 in a single month from his ATMs. While working for the police force, he upscaled to 30 locations and earned six figures yearly from his ATM side hustle. 

During his time off from being an award-winning detective in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, he began utilizing his social media page, which was noticeably Facebook. And with a click, he fell in love with digital marketing. He researched and read case studies to gain a proper footing in the digital marketing industry. 

After marketing, he decided it was time to expand his business, and was born. helps clients build, manage and install ATMs to earn passive income seamlessly. They also educate clients or aspiring entrepreneurs on the benefits of the ATM business. The company was founded in January 2021 and has made $6 million in revenue in under 18 months.

Alex and his team are proud to have over fourteen hundred clients in their ATM Automation ELITE program. They gradually lay out guidelines and strategies to excel in the ATM business. They have helped over 47,000 aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide in the ATM business. For free resources, he has free live training inside the largest ATM niche Facebook group titled “ATM Business for Beginners,” which is held on Facebook every Tuesday at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST. is committed to encouraging people willing to earn passive income without having the time, knowledge, and resources. 

Alex stated, “We will help you build your ATM Business with you or for you. Let’s ATM Together!”