How Peelers Apparel Is Pioneering ‘Athluxury’ Men’s Activewear

Founded by Stephan Peeler, the Los Angeles-based brand is a breath of fresh air for men seeking more refined fitness attire.

(Peelers Apparel)

Presented by Sara Smith

The fusion of performance and luxury—dubbed as “Athluxury”—is redefining the men’s activewear industry. And spearheading this revolution is Peelers Apparel, a company based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Stephan Peeler.

Peelers Apparel prides itself on producing high-quality, luxury sportswear designed specifically for men. These garments marry comfort, style, and performance, making Peelers a unique player in the men’s activewear market.

Redefining Men’s Activewear

Designed for men aged 30 to 50, who value both quality and luxury, Peelers Apparel has carved out a niche for itself. In a market saturated with gender-neutral designs and female-focused products, Peelers Apparel is a breath of fresh air for men seeking more refined fitness attire.

Fit, variety, and value are all significant concerns for the modern active man. Peeler acknowledges these challenges, emphasizing Peelers Apparel’s commitment to addressing them through meticulous design and high-quality manufacturing processes.

Recognizing the unique needs of its clientele, Peelers Apparel is devoted to providing a well-rounded range of products designed with performance in mind. Every piece is crafted using a heavy, poly-spandex blend fabric, ensuring a perfect balance between durability and comfort. This commitment to quality, coupled with a focus on providing value for money, makes Peelers Apparel a go-to brand for luxury activewear.

Innovation And Sustainability

Peelers Apparel brings a blend of innovation, sustainability, and exclusivity to the activewear market. The company’s flagship compression bottoms, designed specifically for the male body, feature a lower, thinner waistband, and two performance pockets, reflecting a thoughtful approach to design.

In addition to classic designs, Peelers Apparel offers limited-edition products and seasonal colors, which may never be produced again. The company also maintains a green focus, deliberately avoiding overproduction—a common pitfall in the fashion industry.

(Peelers Apparel)

Embracing Change

Peeler understands the importance of keeping up with industry changes. The rapid growth of sports like yoga, bodybuilding, and pickleball has opened new opportunities for Peelers Apparel. The company’s AgilityPro Line, designed for these active pursuits, is lightweight, quick-drying, and durable—perfect for today’s versatile athletes.

Standing Out in the Crowd

What sets Peelers Apparel apart from its competitors is not just the quality of its products, but also the innovation in their designs. The SwiftFit Split Short, for example, is designed to be worn over Peelers’ compression bottoms, providing additional coverage while giving the ability to access the performance pockets on the compression bottoms for men who prefer not to wear leggings in public.

Peelers Apparel’s performance pockets are another game-changer. They provide a secure space to hold items during workouts, allowing customers to focus on their performance instead of worrying about their belongings.

A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Peeler’s journey to founding Peelers Apparel is rooted in a strong entrepreneurial lineage—his grandfather, L.D. Peeler founded Cheerwine, a century-old soft drink brand popular in the Southeast. His parents, with their expertise in design and business, further influenced Peeler’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Before Peelers Apparel, Peeler ventured into other successful businesses. He launched a mobile app, Picture This, straight out of college, and later co-founded Carolina Malt House, a company that grows and malts barley for craft beers and spirits.

In spite of his successes, Peeler faced challenges in marketing a new product like men’s compression clothing. To overcome this, Peelers Apparel is exploring virtual changing rooms, offering an interactive and accurate shopping experience to their online customers.

The Birth of Athluxury

Peelers Apparel signifies the birth of Athluxury in the men’s activewear market. The brand strikes a perfect balance between performance, comfort, and style, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and value.

The brand’s continuous adaptation to customer needs, market trends, and industry changes, has solidified its position as a pioneer in luxury men’s activewear.

As Peeler puts it, Peelers Apparel is a brand “For athletes, by athletes.” His unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of his customers’ needs ensures that Peelers Apparel will continue to revolutionize the world of men’s activewear.

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