How Simon Vielma Built An Innovative Online Advertising Platform

Bidwise allows marketers to buy targeted online traffic to increase sales or performance goals.


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From Distant Idea To Reality

Bidwise’s founder, Simon Vielma, is a great leader with a vision. From the start, he knew exactly what he wanted to create: a distributed team that could operate from anywhere worldwide and enjoy complete independence in their professional and personal lives. Simon began working toward this goal years before the pandemic made remote work more common.

Many Bidwise employees have taken advantage of their flexibility to explore the world while still fulfilling their professional obligations by working remotely.

Working from home has been a boom for employees with young children or elderly relatives who require their care. Others have found time for activities they’ve always wanted to try. Additionally, many have been able to live in their ideal locations, whether it be a tropical paradise, a thriving city, or a peaceful rural town.

From Arbitrage To A Sustainable Business

As the company’s leader, Simon overcame numerous obstacles with dogged determination. He realized a profit potential in the shopping habits of Venezuelans and moved in that direction. The group started sending clicks from Venezuelan users on Google and Facebook that they had purchased for dirt cheap. The profits from this arbitrage operation were a staggering $7,000 per day, but Simon knew this was not a viable business model.

To find their niche, Simon’s team experimented with various approaches, including social commerce and price comparison, before developing a digital marketing platform. It was a calculated risk, but the team prevailed thanks to Simon’s capable leadership and swift decision-making.

Bidwise is a thriving business today thanks to its extensive network of content sites. These sites cover various topics, from credit cards and personal finance to merchant return policies, and their automated advertising system powers everything.

From Constraints To Freedom

Bidwise’s rise to prominence is impressive, but the true success lies in the positive change that remote work brought to Simon’s life and those of his employees.

Simon can now work from anywhere due to the efficient remote structure he built into his company. He’s operated remotely from many cities around the world and recently temporarily settled down with his girlfriend on a ranch in Medellin, Colombia, to get in touch with nature and learn about the local culture. He’s shown that a company can be built and its employees’ lives greatly improved through foresight, perseverance, and the exercise of sound judgment in pursuing personal freedom.

Shaping The Future Of Remote Work

Simon’s vision for Bidwise is more than just traditional growth and success. It’s about building a company that is more than just a place where people come to work; it’s about creating a place where people come to live their best lives. A place where the lines between work and life are blurred and where each employee is encouraged to live their life to the fullest while still contributing to the company.

He fantasizes about working from the beaches of Bali, the mountains of Colorado, or the streets of Paris, where they can travel the world while still fulfilling their company responsibilities. A company where employees can work on projects that they are passionate about and where they are not only given the opportunity, but are actively encouraged, to succeed.