How The Walters Institute Helps Financial Advisors Up Their Skills

CPA and Certified Tax Coach Heath Walters founded an innovative new company that unites financial advisors and CPAs like never before.

(Heath Walters)

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It’s long been thought that financial advisors and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) work opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to helping clients achieve autonomy over their finances. Financial advisors help their clients manage their money, while CPAs help their clients achieve maximum tax efficiency, and the two groups rarely overlap.

With a desire to provide more clarity and better assist clients, one certified tax professional created a company that is teaching financial advisors to uplevel their skillset and revolutionize their services.

Heath Walters, a CPA and Certified Tax Coach, is the founder of a transformative company called The Walters Institute, which unites financial advisors and CPAs in a way that hasn’t been seen in the financial industry before.

The Walters Institute is composed of a team of CPAs lead by Walters, who work closely with financial advisory firms to help them integrate tax planning and investment strategies into their offerings for clients.

“I’ve seen it out in the market when an advisor tries to work with a CPA, but that professional does not work with the financial advisor enough to really make much positive impact to the client,” Walters shares.

“In our model, we go through training programs to learn each other’s business, we review tax plans together, and we do client phone calls together, where CPAs and advisors learn how we operate so we can collaborate and integrate as a team much more cohesively with clients,” he continues. 

Walters shares that this collaboration makes for a better outcome from a client perspective, an advisor perspective, and a CPA perspective, because everyone’s needs are taken care of, and the client remains top priority. 

Walters’ proven process for client acquisition has already led to many advisors doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their revenue in as little as 24 months. The client conversion rate for this model is around 90%. With such a high conversion rate, clients are bound to come back and refer you to their friends, coworkers, and network.

Walters is highly skilled and highly sought after when it comes to the ins and outs of taxes.

“When it comes to tax planning, it’s important to look at it from two perspectives: one is through business ownership, and the other is through capital gains. Those are two completely different areas of tax planning, and they take completely different skillsets,” he says.

With an extensive background in the industry—and a strong passion for what he does—Walters and his associates can teach financial advisors and their clients about the different strategies to use for each particular client to maximize their efficiency, no matter their client’s goals.

“What we do with advisors and their clients is help them understand out of five or six strategies, which one or two make the most sense for their client, as well as how to intertwine them at the same time,” he adds.

Founded in 2010, The Walters Institute serves as an On-Demand Tax Planning, Education, and Support for RIA’s and their Affluent Prospects and Clients.

“Your first priority as a financial advisor is to make the client happy at all costs. For most CPAs, we want to save the client the most money possible, and our second priority is making the client happy,” Walters shares. 

(Heath Walters)

When financial advisors and Tax Planners work together, the client gets the best of both worlds: a customer-forward approach, with accuracy, efficiency, and their best interests in mind.

Similar to how a team of healthcare professionals will work together to support an individual who falls ill, that same collaborative approach should also be taken when it comes to finance. Advisors and Tax Planners should work together, and through The Walters Institute, it’s possible. 

Heath Walters’ mission is to help financial advisors grow their practices by building strategic tax planning into their service. 

If you are a financial advisor who is interested in taking your practice to the next level, visit The Walters Institute website today to learn more.