How To Curate Fall/Winter Wardrobe Video Content With CapCut Editing Software

Create killer fashion content with the aid of professional editing software.

(CapCut/Envato Elements Item)

Presented by Sara Smith

Fall is in full effect, and our wardrobes need to be adjusted accordingly. Whether you’re looking to secure a few key pieces to elevate your style or are hoping to start building a whole new wardrobe for the colder weather, it can be difficult to know where to start. And many are turning to social media.

In the last decade, more and more individuals have found fashionistas on Instagram, Facebook, and, more recently, TikTok. Because it’s so simple to click through and find the items you’re looking for, social marketing is now more popular than ever. Here’s how you can curate a fall/winter wardrobe collection with video editing software:

Curating The Right Content

While it’s not difficult for anyone to get set up with social media and start posting content, it won’t be as simple as creating images and videos and posting them for views. When establishing yourself as a fashion, beauty, or even lifestyle influencer, the clothes you wear will portray a distinct image that will set the tone for your brand. It can be a good idea to first think about the type of fashion content you want to create and ensure you have the assistance of professional editing software, like the AI YouTube video editor on offer at CapCut.

In terms of marketing, YouTube is actually a more impactful way to reach audiences with outfits, as simply wearing items while creating your usual content will help viewers see that you personally endorse brands. Combining this with traditional curated content has more potential when it comes to engagement and conversion.


Where To Start

The best way to showcase fall and winter fashion inspo is to curate mood boards, offer video clips using transitions and fun music, and do product reviews. The main thing to remember is to be honest about quality and sizing. Viewers who relate to your body and find inspiration in your choices will see that you are genuine and keep coming back to you for content in the future.

You’ll want to get a ring light and a phone/camera stand and record the entire process (if you are just starting out, CapCut’s video stabilizer can take your footage, reduce blur and minimize distortion, so videos will look professionally shot).

Once you have everything on film, it will be time to head on over to CapCut, select the video editing tools you need and create your masterpiece. From here, you will have the ability to share your curated fall/winter outfits straight to YouTube (and other platforms), save to the proprietary cloud software, or even let others in on the editing process. Don’t forget to post frequently and add metadata and keywords in descriptions to help with ranking and placement.

The great news is that you won’t have to start out with designer brands, but it can be a good idea to look at what’s trending and the season’s top picks. Aim to promote affordable, quality clothing that real viewers will want to buy.