How Turkey’s MAYCLINIK Is Becoming A Top Health Tourism Attraction

Founder and CEO Hakan Yilmaz is leveraging his five years of health industry experience to ensure patients get top-notch care.


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Health tourism is a rapidly growing industry. Many patients are willing to fly abroad to find affordable cosmetic surgery, dental care, and other medical treatment.

These treatments are meant to help people feel better about themselves and achieve the look they always wanted. Therefore, it is important to identify a health tourism service that is trusted, reliable, and offers the best services.

MAYCLINIK is a health tourism company that curates international patient organizations worldwide, mainly from Europe to Turkey. It is located in Istanbul to provide its clients an opportunity to explore the city and visit the bustling shopping centers of Istanbul. MAYCLINIK aims to provide the best service to its guests with aesthetic surgeries, hair transplantation, dental treatments and obesity surgery in Turkey.

Hakan Yilmaz, the founder and CEO of MAYCLINIK, leverages his five years of experience in the health industry. When he first joined the sector, he provided hospital-based health services and later transitioned to health tourism and aesthetics. Since launching his company in 2017, he’s experienced unmatched success, with MAYCLINIK performing an average of 200 plastic surgery treatments per month. 

To stand out from its competitors, MAYCLINIK provides a superior patient experience by emphasizing comfort and service excellence. They have qualified doctors who speak fluent English. Their doctors are Turkey’s leading plastic surgeons, general surgeons, and dentists with experience abroad and internationally accreditation. Highlighting safety and integrity, MAYCLINIK operates under internationally recognized certificates.

Boasting a stellar team, MAYCLINIK also understands and assists guests and patients with post-care instruction and feedback. The team is informed in-detail about client treatment plans by field specialists, providing clients with a comprehensive set of expectations during the treatment process.

MAYCLINIK also offers a free consultation before the procedure via video chats. They then maintain regular contact with patients to follow up and support patients who return to their country after the procedure.

At MAYCLINIK, the patient’s comfort is of utmost importance. They provide clients with nothing less than VIP treatment. It starts by welcoming their guests at the airport, transferring them to internationally-serving hotels with VIP vehicles, and accompanying them throughout the process.

Unlike other clinics, MAYCLINIK prioritizes a “sustainable experience.” According to Hakan, the anchors to success are emotion and constant communication. Regardless of the company you invest in, you cannot expect its success to be sustainable if you do not include emotion. He also insists that any firm that wants to experience growth must prioritize patients’ positive experience and satisfaction. Success is guaranteed if you make your clients the number one priority.

Hakan’s ultimate goal is to consolidate all its successful health services and continue operations in MAYCLINIK’s hospital. To expand their companies’ potential, they plan to implement a comprehensive clinic in the United Kingdom. They hope to elevate the Turkish health tourism sector and capture 8% of the global market.