How Twist & Schirm Became An In-Demand Marketing Agency

Founder Lukas Schirmer’s agency was among the first to recognize the potential of platforms like TikTok and Instagram as vehicles for e-commerce advertising.

(Lukas Schirmer)

Presented by Amir Bakian

In today’s digital advertising and e-commerce market, staying ahead of the curve is key to success. The brainchild of entrepreneur Lukas Schirmer, the Twist & Schirm agency has done just that by being one of the first to recognize the potential of platforms like TikTok and Instagram as vehicles for e-commerce advertising.

Schirmer has experimented with both these platforms since they launched, which has given him a deep understanding of how they work and how to reach and engage customers on them. This early adoption and experimentation provided a significant advantage when e-commerce companies began looking to advertise on these platforms, as Twist & Schirm was well-positioned to help them do so effectively.

But Schirmer’s approach to the industry is about more than just keeping ahead of the curve—it’s about understanding the needs of both clients and consumers and providing tailored solutions that drive actual results. With a background in theoretical mathematics, Schirmer brings data-driven decision-making to the table, while his photography background adds a creative edge.

This combination has led to Twist & Schirm managing eight-figure advertising budgets and generating many eight-figures more in revenue for its e-commerce clients. This early success with these platforms helped the agency attract large companies, as they demonstrated a deep understanding of these platforms’ potential and capabilities that few had at the time.

Schirmer’s volunteer work is also a testament to his values and belief in contributing to society. Growing up with strong Christian values, he has done a lot of volunteer work throughout his career, including working for nine years as a volunteer for his church community, organizing community festivals and children’s camps.

He also worked voluntarily as a football coach for children and organized fundraisers for various causes like breast cancer and diabetes in Dubai. He also led his alma mater’s student union and worked with special needs children, becoming volunteer of the month and earning two prestigious scholarships along the way. All while being full-time student ranking in the top percentile and running two companies.

When refugees started arriving in Germany from Syria in 2015/2016, Schirmer once again worked voluntarily in parallel to his university studies. He also served as the board member of the “Young Alliance Of Refugees,” a voluntary organization spanning all of Germany’s political youth parties. He did this for two years until the situation was under control.

Even as he built his business, Schirmer never lost sight of his personal values. This humility is evident in how he leads his agency, always putting the needs of his clients and team first. His agency has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, including massive S&P Global 1200 companies, and received awards for being a top agency and for client satisfaction.

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow and evolve, Twist & Schirm is well-positioned for continued success. With Schirmer at the helm, the agency continues to lead the way in e-commerce marketing, leveraging emerging technology and a deep understanding of the industry to drive real results for its clients.

With such a valuable combination of knowledge, skills, and personal values, Lukas Schirmer and Twist & Schirm will likely be a force to be reckoned with in the industry for a long time.