How Unruly Agency Became An Influencer Powerhouse

Unruly Agency’s talent’s combined reach is greater than the populations of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada combined.

(Unruly Agency)

Presented by Sara Smith

In the world of social media, there are those who have what it takes to be a star, and there are those who are posers at best. Los Angeles-based influencer marketing agency Unruly Agency can tell the difference between good influencers and great influencers, and they have filled their team with the latter.

They are very selective with whom they vet out and bring into their agency. The wait list to even have a chance to speak to their team is months out at a time. 

What may not be immediately apparent is the fact that Unruly Agency has a collective reach far greater than any of its individual collaborators, with nearly 1 billion potential consumers in the audiences of their social media influencers. 

If you were to consolidate the influence of every social media influencer in the United States, Mexico, and Canada who is not currently represented by the Unruly Agency, that reach would pale in comparison to the collective influence of the Unruly Agency roster. 

Unruly Agency Is All About Maximizing Your Brand

Most successful organizations are defined by their leadership. There is a top-down element at work in most businesses; the personality, work ethic, and morals of an organization start with the people in charge and are reflected throughout the organization. The same dynamic is true for the strategies a company like Unruly Agency can deploy on behalf of its collaborators. 

Tara Electra, Founder of Unruly Agency, has first-hand knowledge at her disposal when strategizing how her team members can maximize their brand and online reach. Before founding the Unruly Agency, Electra reached the heights of social media independently by working with some of the largest events and brands across social media. 

The Origin Of The Unruly Agency: From Idea to Actualization

The immense possibilities the internet could afford became apparent to Unruly Agency founder Tara Electra at a young age.

“I realized early in my career that every brand, app, festival, etc., wants to invest in influencer marketing to bring more credibility, awareness, and conversion,” says Electra.

“When I saw those opportunities, and when I quickly learned about the world of online monetization, I learned that those brands have no long-term value for the talent to promote constantly… I realized I don’t want to be the person between getting the brand deals for talent. I want to make the talent a brand themselves. That is how you can build something way beyond a short-term paid brand deal.”

The Importance of Effective Representation

The opportunities presented by the internet are practically boundless. There are certain ineffable qualities someone may possess that would contribute to “blowing up” on social media, and without that kind of “it” factor, success on social platforms is a non-starter. 

However, for those who have “it,” you need to go much farther than mere exposure. This is where a top-tier group like the Unruly Agency can elevate influencers to heights that may have otherwise been unachievable. 

The industry of social media influence is incredibly competitive. Online interest is extremely volatile—it is not a given that an individual’s online presence will be maintainable on a long-term basis. 

When an influencer is actively commanding the attention of an audience, maximizing the opportunities for financial gain should be treated as something that is fleeting. These efforts to maximize profit and “strike while the iron is hot” are vital in a very immediate sense. 

A primary separating factor that dictates whether an influencer is just getting by or truly thriving is the extent to which they are able to monetize their influence and reach. Brands are largely agnostic when it comes to whom they would like to promote their products or services. It all comes down to hard numbers.

Gaining influence is by no means simple, but what is significantly more precarious is translating online influence into a profitable and sustainable source of income. More often than not, influencers who are able to navigate this complex and ever-changing environment have a team of experts like the specialists at the Unruly Agency in their corner. 

The Critical Nature Of A Team Dynamic

At Unruly Agency, influencers receive individual and exceedingly tailored advice on how to maximize their personal brand, but they also benefit from being a part of a collective. Unruly Agency is a brand in and of itself. 

This collective branding takes form in a number of ways, including industry events, charity fundraisers, and even a team trip to the Coachella music festival and the establishment of the “Unruly House” in 29 Palms this past year. 

Corporate partners of the Unruly Agency include Ciroc, Alto Rideshare, Deleon Tequila, Fellow Fine Dining, The Hakkasan Group, Lounge Underwear, Koi Restaurant Group, The Adventure Challenge: Scratch-Off Books, and Tao Restaurant Group. 

Being a member of a collective has distinct advantages for a social media influencer. The relationship is, in many ways, symbiotic. This dynamic most essentially provides a variety of routes by which a fan can learn about and connect with a given influencer.

How A Winning and an Inclusive Culture Creates an Environment Poised for Success

Recent studies show that 84% of aspiring social media influencers are women. This is a staggering divide, and Unruly Agency ensures the company is aligned with that, with an employee base composed of 90% women and a client base of over 85% females. 

Why Collective Reach Is More Influential Than the Impact of a Single Influencer

The population of the Earth is slightly more than 8 billion people, and the combined reach of Unruly Agency’s clients accounts for nearly one-eighth of that. The entire population of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is not even one half of 1 billion people. In effect, the Unruly Agency family of fans is the largest country in the world if considered as a population of people. The key dynamic to consider is the massive opportunity for cross-pollination. 

This is the critical factor that draws influencers to the yolk of the Unruly Agency social media empire. No single person on Instagram has anything approaching 1 billion followers, so this level of reach is legitimately unparalleled by any other representation group in the industry. 

The cross-pollination is extremely impactful. When members of the Unruly Agency team participate in agency-wide trips like the 2022 Coachella excursion, they can expect to reach an audience that is potentially far more expensive than their individual reach could achieve. And that’s the magic of Unruly!