How YouTuber Daelan Mangapit Ascended To Meteoric Heights

The gamer has amassed 100,000 subscribers to earn YouTube’s coveted Silver Play Button. 

(Daelan Mangapit)

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Being a YouTuber is an alluring career for many. With billions of users on the platform, people can share content on anything they are passionate about, connect with a like-minded community, and generate a stable income. Daelan Mangapit, inspired by this line of thinking, started his channel in 2010, which now has over 100,000 subscribers. 

Daelan began his YouTube journey by learning to operate a camera and use editing software like Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects. He also bought recording equipment like microphones and headsets to increase the production quality of his videos. With all this equipment and knowledge, Daelan started to upload vlogs, skits, and playthroughs of various video games. 

However, even with all the necessary skills and tools to create content, the beginning of Daelan’s YouTube career was incredibly challenging. Despite uploading numerous videos, Daelan struggled to gain positive viewership and amass subscribers. Nevertheless, Daelan stayed motivated by not chasing the numbers and instead focused on the process. He kept working hard, concentrating on enhancing the quality of his content and being consistent with his uploads. 

After several years of uploading content, Daelan finally found success in 2017 when his playthroughs of the MMORPG Black Desert Online went viral. The videos earned him millions of views and more than 30,000 subscribers. To capitalize on the momentum of his new-found success, Daelan continued uploading videos daily and even started live-streaming. 

At the beginning of 2019, Daelan scaled up his content by transitioning to adventurous action-based video games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty. This move not only intensified the thrill of his gaming videos but also replicated his success in 2017 as his viewership and subscriber count increased even more. By 2022, Daelan’s channel had gained over 100,000 subscribers to earn YouTube’s coveted Silver Play Button. 

On a platform with a lot of gaming content battling for views, Daelan managed to stand out not only because of his patience and commitment to his craft but also because of his calm and composed demeanor. Other YouTubers creating similar content often shout in anger and frustration to make their videos entertaining. Daelan dared to go against the flow. His videos maintain a laid-back, nonchalant atmosphere. He is never dramatic in his videos, and this uniqueness allowed him to gain substantial viewership.

Another unique aspect of Daelan’s videos is his insight into the games he is playing. In every game he plays, Daelan learns effective strategies and often explains them to his viewers to help them excel. His openness to connect with his audience appealed to many, further accelerating his growth in popularity. 

Looking ahead, Daelan Mangapit hopes to capitalize on his current success by continuing to produce quality videos and diversifying his content with podcasts and social commentaries. In doing so, Daelan aims to expand his subscriber base to one million, increase his total viewership to one billion, and obtain the Golden Play Button from YouTube.