Koi CBD’s Best Wellness Products For Better Living

Koi CBD has been trailblazing long before the CBD hype, and its industry experience is a testament to its quality products.

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The global CBD industry is on track to exceed $3 billion by 2028, yet in the United States, there continues to be a lack of regulations in place to ensure safety and quality. That makes it all the more important for consumers to consider where they are buying their CBD products from and ensure a company’s production and testing practices yield high-quality products. 

Koi CBD has rigorous production and testing standards in place, which sets them apart from other CBD companies. “People rely on us,” Kim Nunley, Koi CBD’s Content and Community Marketing Manager, says. “The industry is very unregulated at the moment and people have to be careful with the products they buy whether it’s a vape product or something else. I think people trust us because they know that we do things the right way.”  

Koi CBD has a strict testing process in place, and for every product, they provide full traceability with lab results and a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party, licensed lab to ensure consumers have peace of mind and assurance when using their products.

Founded in 2015 by siblings Brad and Malinda Ridenour, their cousin Jason Decker, and a close friend in Norwalk, California, Koi CBD stepped into the field even before the CBD hype took off, and being one of the founding companies in the industry, they set the standard for quality. The company was built on quality, safety, and consistency, and “making a product that instantly improves people’s lives and helps them get through day-to-day challenges,” is what Koi is all about, says Brad Ridenour, CEO of Koi CBD. 

Taking inspiration from the ancient Chinese lore of the Koi Fish, Koi CBD’s purpose and mission are to provide products that alleviate the challenges of life with an approach of persevering even in the face of setbacks.

As the ancient legend goes, a school of golden koi was swimming against the current of the mighty Yellow River in China. Making their way upstream, they reached a large waterfall, forcing some to turn back, while the rest decided to forge on and continue their journey. Despite the challenges, one koi fish persevered and after 100 years made it to the top of the waterfall. It was transformed into a mighty golden dragon in return for its unwavering quest, representing the strength and power displayed by the koi fish. 

We’ve all faced difficult experiences, like the koi fish struggling to swim upstream, and during these tough situations, stress, discomfort, and other unbalanced feelings tend to find their way to the surface. On your journey to reaching the top of the waterfall, Koi CBD steps in, with a focus on wellness, to help take the ease off of the daily struggles of swimming against life’s current. 

(Koi CBD)

“When we think about wellness at Koi, we think of it in two components, health and happiness,” Nunley explains. 

For the health side, Koi CBD focuses on how their products help people stay balanced, promote better sleep, reduce anxious feelings, control stress relief, and help with focus. 

Their newer products promote happiness and are made with other compounds derived from hemp including Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, HHC, and others that help one tackle the everyday stresses in life or unwind at the end of the day or weekend.

Setting Koi CBD apart from other companies is its customer-first approach by ensuring that its products are not only safe to use but enjoyable to consume. 

“Enjoying the whole experience of consumption,” is important to Koi CBD, Sather explains, and “just because something is good for you doesn’t mean it has to taste bad.” 

Edibles can either taste really good or really bad which plays a big role in the overall consumer experience with CBD and THC products. At Koi CBD, they ensure all their products, including gummies and vapes, taste good, one of their main priorities. “Outside of making sure the quality is there and the safety is there, we want to make sure everybody has a good experience,” Nunley emphasizes. 

Koi CBD is dedicated to providing products that reduce stress while promoting a sense of calm in an overstimulated society. Their products are for everyone, including athletes and working professionals that deal with physically strenuous situations as they help them bounce back faster during the recovery process. 

“We’re always looking at what else the plant can offer…and we’re always bringing new things to the table to help people in their everyday lives,” Nunley shares. 

Koi CBD exists to bring wellness to everyone and is constantly looking for new ways to ease life’s challenges. Not just any CBD company, Koi CBD is here to help you feel your best without cause for concern. 
Invest in your well-being to live and enjoy life better and visit their Koi CBD website today.