London Calling: How City Beach Is Rocking The UK Fashion Landscape

What began as a modest surf and skate shop in Brisbane has transformed into a burgeoning lifestyle brand with 65 stores.

(City Beach)

Presented by Sara Smith

Amid the sun-kissed shores of Australia, a brand has surged forth with its own distinctive wave. City Beach, born in the vibrant heart of Brisbane in 1985, has not only reshaped the fashion landscape but has also harnessed the very essence of Aussie culture. With a legacy spanning more than three decades, City Beach represents the spirit of adventure and self-expression that characterizes the Aussie vibe. What began as a modest surf and skate shop has now evolved into Australia’s premier lifestyle brand.

City Beach: A Journey Through Time And Style

City Beach’s rich history is a testament to its spirit and fashion dedication. Originating as a surf and skate shop in Brisbane in 1985, it has since transformed into a brand that not only keeps pace with the latest fashion trends but sets them. What makes City Beach so unique is their approach to fashion: It’s not just about selling clothes, but about selling a lifestyle, an experience, a feeling. 

(City Beach)

Today, City Beach proudly holds its place as Australia’s premier lifestyle fashion brand. With a store network of over 65 stores and a vast collection featuring more than 300 renowned brands, City Beach caters to customers through both brick-and-mortar locations and an online platform. Their unwavering commitment to delivering quality, style and functionality has firmly established them as leaders in the industry.

City Beach In The UK: A New Wave Of Style

Since its inception, City Beach has been more than just a retail store—it’s a lifestyle brand, a hub for youth culture, a meeting point of style, comfort, and functionality. What makes City Beach unique is its approach to fashion: It’s not just about selling clothes, but about selling a lifestyle, an experience, a feeling. Every garment, every accessory, resonates with an ethos that’s deeply ingrained in Australian culture.

Their private label brands such as Mooloola, Kaiami, Topanga, Ava and Ever, Lucid, Dexter and Skylark offer something exclusive to the fashion conscious. These brands embody City Beach’s dedication to excellence and style ensuring that customers can express themselves in the best way possible. The brand’s extensive Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s collections promise to cater to every fashion need and want.  With their iconic looks and deep legacy in fashion, City Beach is sure to set trends in the UK.

As City Beach continues to expand its reach globally, one thing remains constant: their commitment to capturing the spirit of the Aussie lifestyle and delivering it to fashion-forward communities around the world. So, whether you’re in Australia or the UK, join City Beach on their journey, where the waves of fashion are always riding high, and the spirit of youth culture thrives.