Meet Actress Tetiana Gaidar From ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ & ‘Modern Warfare II’

The Ukrainian actress, who helped train Keanu Reeves for “John Wick: Chapter 4,” is lending her likeness to CoD’s latest female operator, Mila.

(Tony Duran)

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As Season 5 unfurls in the Call of Duty universe, the integration of pop culture continues to amplify the gaming narrative. Historically, Call of Duty‘s crossovers have often reimagined its existing operators in outfits mirroring famous characters, reminiscent of the notable Levi from Attack on Titan ensemble.

However, this crossover deviates from that path. Instead of mere costuming, the game has captured the authentic likeness of the actors, particularly Antony Starr’s imposing Homelander and Erin Moriarty’s radiant Starlight. As for Black Noir, given his masked persona, there wasn’t a specific actor’s face to replicate.

Now, alongside these renowned television figures and the eagerly anticipated female operator Mila (played by Tetiana Gaidar), the game is also set to shine the spotlight on iconic figures from the music industry. Celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, players can anticipate the in-game presence of musical titans such as Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and 21 Savage. Both the music legends and Mila will offer unique bundles for fans to purchase. Speculatively, if we reference the pricing of “The Boys” bundles, which are marked at 2,400 coins, it’s conceivable that these new additions will hover around a similar price point.

Gaidar, a renowned Ukrainian actress, has expanded her artistic boundaries beyond theater and television. In addition to her latest Call of Duty venture, she has also carved a remarkable path in Hollywood, training some of its brightest stars in weaponry and martial arts.

Ever since she was 10 years old, Gaidar was captivated by the world of espionage, drawn to the thrill and mystery of shows like The X-Files. However, her Ukrainian citizenship meant working for the US government as a spy was unlikely. Yet, this childhood dream has stayed with her and has remarkably been brought to life in a new form as she portrays the Call of Duty’s latest intelligence operative, Mila.

Gaidar’s foray into the physical arts began with ballet, a passion passed down from her mother. However, she soon found herself enamored by the adrenaline-fueled world of martial arts. She dove headfirst into the sport, the thrill of the fight driving her to excel and even compete—the competitive spirit was further instilled in her by her mother.

Her encounter with the harsh reality of mortality in her college years sent her in search of solace and healing, which she found in the world of dance. As she balanced professional dance with her college studies, she also explored acting. It was a viewing of John Wick that crystallized her aspirations. The way Keanu Reeves realistically wielded his weapons on-screen ignited a fire within her—she too wanted to challenge herself and perform at that elite level.

(Tony Duran)

Gaidar’s journey to the US was a fortuitous one. She arrived with a limited visa and $200 to her name, assisting the Ukrainian singer, Ruslana, as a dancer. Yet, when Ruslana offered her a ticket back to LA instead of Ukraine, Gaidar seized the opportunity, bravely choosing to follow her dreams despite her financial situation.

Navigating Hollywood was no easy task, especially for a foreign actress. Determined and resilient, she sought out the coaches and training spaces frequented by her idols. It was an uphill battle, filled with potential scams and false leads, but her martial arts-forged tenacity saw her through. Gaidar, immersing herself in the Hollywood scene, soon began training under the industry’s most renowned coaches. Her dedication and prowess landed her an action role in the show Bosch: Legacy on Amazon Freevee, making her mark in the episode titled “Cava.”

One defining moment in Gaidar’s Hollywood journey was when she was invited to assist Reeves’ weapon trainer, Taran Butler. Recognizing her teaching talent and extensive martial arts experience, Butler enlisted her help in training actors, including Reeves himself, for John Wick: Chapter 4. Gaidar’s martial arts background, passion for teaching, and keen understanding of the demands of acting provided her a unique perspective, which she utilized to excel in training Hollywood stars.

(Tony Duran)

Training Reeves was an exceptional experience for Gaidar. His dedication and hard work inspired her, just as his performance in John Wick had years earlier. The way Reeves seamlessly incorporated realistic weapon handling into his performances resonated with her, reaffirming her passion for her craft.

Being a part of Call of Duty was more than just another role; it was a dream realized. For years, she had been gearing up for a role of this magnitude, pouring her energy and dedication into mastering her craft. Many of her fans, recognizing her prowess, often remarked how perfect she would be as a character in Call of Duty. Their words weren’t mere flattery, they saw something in her—a genuine potential that surpassed mere on-screen charisma.

Operator Mila (Activision)

However, landing a role in such a prominent game isn’t a walk in the park. It demanded intensive preparation and relentless commitment. Teaming up with renowned trainers like Butler and Armand Rabanal, she delved deep into rigorous weapons training and martial arts. This wasn’t just about choreography or stunts for the camera; she was being trained for real-world scenarios, creating a unique authenticity in her performance.

From her earliest memories, Gaidar was enthralled by larger-than-life characters that not only dominated the screen but also left an indelible mark on the audience. One character that resonated deeply was The Punisher. It wasn’t enough to merely be a spectator; she harbored ambitions to personify the raw strength and unwavering justice synonymous with the antihero.

Many of her fans often remarked that she would be the ideal representation of a female Punisher, and she took this to heart. Inspired by this vision, she vigorously trained and remained disciplined in her craft, persistently pursuing roles that allowed her to express her intense spirit and determination.

Gaidar’s dedication speaks volumes. She isn’t merely an action hero on screen; she embodies the essence of one in reality. This commitment to her craft, combined with her genuine skills, makes it clear why she was the perfect choice for Call of Duty.

Now, as she steps into the boots of Operator Mila in Call of Duty, Gaidar’s journey has come full circle. Her childhood dreams of espionage, her martial arts training, her dance background, and her on-set experience all feed into her portrayal of the character. This is the culmination of years of dedication, perseverance, and resilience.


As she continues to shape Mila’s character in Call of Duty—and train Hollywood’s elites—Gaidar is proving that boundaries in the entertainment industry are constantly evolving and can be broken. Despite the hardships and hurdles she faced, her story stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and passion. As she continues to rise in her career, Gaidar undoubtedly has more surprises in store, and we eagerly look forward to seeing what she does next.