Meet Kim Kardashian-Approved Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian

None other than Kim Kardashian praised Ourian as a “necessity in my life.”

(Simon Ourian)

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Fans of Keeping up with the Kardashians will recognize Dr. Simon Ourian. The famous doctor has often appeared on the show as Kim and her sisters visit his Beverly Hills clinic, Epione. The mother of four has long introduced the cosmetic dermatologist to her Instagram fans.

In one of her visits to the Beverly Hills clinic, Kim shared a snippet of the session with her Instagram followers. In the video footage, Kim and Dr. Simon Ourian were heard talking as he measured the angles of her face.

“You’re getting really close,” Kim Kardashian said. “What is that?” she asked while Dr. Ourian assessed her facial symmetry. He explained he was just measuring the angles of her face. Kim continued to ask how her face looked as Dr. Ourian held the measuring tool to her face.

Dr. Ourian replied, “Wonderful and symmetrical.” Kim shared the moment on her Instagram with the caption, “This man is a necessity in my life.”

Previously, the mother of four revealed she had undergone Coolbeam laser treatments with Dr. Ourian, which, as we can all guess from her flawless and youthful skin, were a success. It is alleged that the Paw Patrol actress also had a non-surgical tummy tuck with Dr. Simon Ourian.

Dr. Ourian’s diverse experience and unique approach to cosmetic treatment have made him one of the world’s most sought-after A-list aesthetic specialists. Dr. Ourian’s clinic, Epione, performs more than 1,000 procedures per month. His clientele includes the Kardashians, renowned models, musicians, actors, and many of the world’s royalty.

The doctor to the stars loves clay sculpting–making him a master of creating works of art from non-surgical nose jobs to contouring the jawline and cheeks. Dr. Simon Ourian can do just about any aesthetic procedure without a scalpel.

He believes that art and cosmetic dermatology are inseparable. Combining them has helped him achieve natural, realistic results without surgery, with his work receiving lots of attention in and out of the US. 

Dr. Simon Ourian offers various cosmetic services, including age spot removal, under-eye dark circles removal, acne scar removal, and laser skin resurfacing. His very own Coolaser technology is popular among beauty enthusiasts as an effective fix for uneven skin tone or texture, melasma even. An equally popular procedure that is only used in the said doctor’s office is Coolbeam–a machine that helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

(Simon Ourian)

Of course, the celebrity cosmetic dermatologist also has his own skincare lines available for his in-office clients and those who are unable to come to his sole Beverly Hills location yet–two, in fact. His original skin care venture is called the Epione Signature Series–a set of seven powerful serums that help with numerous skin concerns. Dr. Simon Ourian’s second line of skin care products is MDO, which appears to be extremely popular in Europe.

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