Meet Dr. Gordon Andan, The Cosmetic Surgeon With A Sculptor’s Eye

The founder of New York Surgical Arts is committed to patient safety and exceptional results.

(Gordon Andan)

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Dr. Gordon Andan, the founder of New York Surgical Arts, is a cosmetic surgeon whose passion for enhancing his patients’ natural beauty has earned him worldwide acclaim.

Operating out of an AAAHC-accredited facility, New York Surgical Arts offers a range of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Dr. Andan’s commitment to patient safety, artistic vision, and surgical precision has made him a highly sought-after Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, serving New York City, Long Island, and beyond.

Dr. Andan’s inspiring journey to becoming a renowned cosmetic surgeon began at the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons at Harlem Hospital. Here, he completed his general surgery residency.

Displaying unwavering dedication to his craft, he pursued an NIH postdoctoral research fellowship at the renowned Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Following his residency, Dr. Andan ascended to new heights when he was accepted into one of the most prestigious cosmetic surgery fellowships in the U.S. It was in this exclusive program that he refined his skills and expertise in cosmetic surgery. 

With a philosophy centered around enhancing each patient’s unique beauty, Dr. Andan built a cosmetic surgery practice that caters to all. His honest and sensitive approach, combined with his commitment to staying updated on the latest innovations and scientific discoveries and trends in cosmetic surgery, ensures that every patient receives a custom-tailored treatment plan that delivers natural-looking results.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Andan is a devoted family man. His active lifestyle is a testament to his belief in embracing the journey and pushing forward in all circumstances. Dr. Andan’s biggest challenge has been staying focused amid numerous distractions, but his determination to perfecting his craft and expanding his brand keeps him grounded and motivated.

As he looks to the future, Dr. Andan’s vision for New York Surgical Arts includes an expansion to multiple locations across the U.S. and abroad internationally, particularly in the Middle East. His unwavering dedication to patient safety, natural-looking results, and exceptional customer experience will continue to guide his practice as it grows.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery and looking for a talented and compassionate surgeon, look no further than Dr. Andan. To learn more about his practice and the services offered at New York Surgical Arts, visit To get a glimpse of his artistic eye and dedication to his craft, follow him on Instagram.

In a world where everyone is uniquely beautiful, Dr. Andan’s passion for enhancing that beauty shines through his work. Trust in his expertise and commitment to patient safety, and embark on a transformative journey toward the body you deserve.