Meet George Nellist, The Accomplished Director Behind A Seven-Figure Digital Marketing Agency

At just 21-years-old, Nellist has established himself as a top digital marketing director.

(George Nellist)

Presented by Stephan Woodward

Digital marketing has become an integral part of the corporate world. Businesses have shifted to the online space to pursue the more than four billion social media users who make up the potential market. It has proved to be a powerful tool for businesses to reach prospects and customers globally.

It has also opened up a career path for influencers or digital marketers who are experts in the field. Their primary mandate is to help businesses and brands create, grow, and strengthen their online presence to attract more customers.

George Nellist is one of the experts making a fortune as a digital mastermind. He is an expert in social media, marketing and sales. At just 21-years-old, Nellist has established himself as a top digital marketing director. He shares a deep understanding of online marketing and has helped numerous brands and businesses unlock their online potential.

Nellist is also an entrepreneur working with Ascend Agency, a leading digital marketing firm. He is the director of all its marketing and sales operations. Through his leadership, the firm has grown into a seven-figure marketing agency competing with some well-established names in the industry. Ascend Agency is rated as one of the fastest-growing online marketing brands, and it’s poised to take over the North American industry.

With just a few years of experience, Nellist is attracting clients from all walks of life. Many are amazed by his genius, purposeful marketing strategies. He has perfected his art and knows the exact tactic to employ regarding the client’s needs. He provides a highly consultative approach that ensures target customers are matched with the right culture and company.

Throughout the years, Nellist has worked with social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. He offers PR and media marketing services helping them expand their online presence and increase their exposure. The clients are from diverse industries and sectors from the financial world, digital, life sciences, legal, and government agencies.  

Nellist impresses with his ability to crack the various sectors despite the different cultures. His secret is carefully examining the target market and clients’ particular needs and then formulating the best and most effective approach. Nellist is anticipating working with other top influencers and brands on social media. It will help him expand his network beyond the online space and more significantly open the door for more clients.

It’s a fast-paced industry that is growing daily. To him, social media is the most important asset you can invest in. It’s affordable and cheaper than other advertising media but has the power to transform your business fortunes. Nellist hopes to help other young social media marketers and show them how to be successful. Many share the passion but lack a mentor with goodwill to guide them in their journey. This includes individuals, brands, and businesses just starting up.

His entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t allow him to settle in one industry. Nellist is constantly looking for new opportunities in the industry to diversify his fortunes. He has shown great interest in photography and traveling, and he hints at making a move soon.  Success comes to those who dare and act, and he’s ready to do just that.