Meet Korean Influencer & Content Creator Eunchae

“Korean Chun Li” champions body positivity on her massively popular platforms.


Presented by Tom White

Making international waves, Eunchae‘s captivating content does more than just capture attention. Overcoming a history of bullying, Eunchae now uses her massively popular ITSEUNCHAE platforms to champion body positivity, particularly against unrealistic cultural beauty norms and rigid fat-shaming.

Eunchae embraces her unique physique and rare beauty while motivating girls to do the same. Her inspiring journey required resilience, as she transformed past insecurities into attributes that fueled her online presence and fan base, teaching her the value of self-love and embracing individuality.

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, Eunchae faced body shaming as a teen due to her curvier frame—something that only made her more of a target in a culture that promoted slender figures. Eunchae embraced her differences to create a platform that has elevated her as a global symbol of self-acceptance.

With millions of devoted fans and followers, she’s earned the moniker “Korean Chun Li” and is acclaimed as a “thick Asian” with a strong figure. Eunchae’s social media growth has been rapid, repeatedly going viral on TikTok, amassing millions of views, and gaining 1.5 million followers in just two years.

Beneath the surface, Eunchae‘s platform highlights the contrasting beauty ideals between Asian and Western cultures, all while embodying self-love. Her content features trendy dances, travel vlogs, and fashion videos. Eunchae’s endeavors also extend to Twitch streaming and teaching the Korean language and culture.

A trailblazer, Eunchae distinguishes herself as one of the first TikTok creators to go viral by pinpointing the discrepancies in beauty standards between Asia and the US. Within her community, Eunchae is hailed as a full-figured woman and referred to as “the first thick Asian.” She acknowledges this title is a reflection of Asian beauty norms that perceive averagely-built bodies as thick and rarer than they actually are. 

Eunchae‘s advocacy for body positivity traces back to her past experiences. Enduring school bullying due to her height, curvier physique, and complexion left her feeling ashamed and insecure in her teenage years. Yet, relocating from Korea and immersing herself in new cultures unveiled the toxicity of the unhealthy beauty ideals she grew up with. She learned that beauty comes in diverse forms, leading her to create content with a powerful message of authenticity. Eunchae’s passion for spreading her message about being yourself drives what she creates, and as her online presence expands, she remains amazed by the transformative journey it has been.

While some believe her content casts a negative light on her native country, Eunchae firmly emphasizes her love for Korea, believing that her candid content contributes to improving her country. In addition to embracing her body, Eunchae has mastered the art of brushing off negativity, allowing her voice and experiences to continue to be heard. 

Eunchae’s future includes more growth and reaching exciting new heights. She envisions developing her brand further and plans to release a clothing line next year. Following her success on TikTok and Instagram, Eunchae plans to launch YouTube channels centered around Korean culture, language, and travel. But overall, Eunchae wants to continue advancing her mission of making a positive impact by championing self-acceptance.