Meet Model, Actress & Singer-Songwriter Kelly Monrow

The Austin-based country-rocker’s star is rising.

(Kelly Monrow)

Presented by Tom White

Kelly Monrow is a rising force in femme-rock. The Austin-based country-rocker boasts a crowd-pleasing combination of a sultry voice and a penchant for writing empowering, introspective lyrics. Not to mention, her photographer, Taylor Balentine, captures her essence perfectly.

Her social media captions exude confidence. And Monrow’s tell-all album Scars on Venus unleashes a raw feminine mystique that challenges listeners to be authentic.

Monrow discovered her passion for music during the pandemic, and she’s been on a roll ever since. She’s released a series of hit songs that have been making waves in the industry. Her EP, Pronoia, was a success, but her 2022 single “Mama Said” is currently rising through the charts. The “Mama Said” music video has hit 3.5 million views on YouTube.

Monrow’s latest single, “You’re The Reason I Drink,” is becoming a fan-favorite track. Her past success as a model has in no way impeded Monrow’s musical career, and it’s clear that she’s found her true calling in the music industry.

Monrow first found success as an actress, with roles in popular shows like Billions, Lucifer, and American Crime Story, as well as the movie Three Days Rising. She’s a multi-talented artist who isn’t afraid to try new things and explore different creative avenues.

For Monrow, music is a way to connect with her most authentic self and to express her deepest emotions. Through her music, she hopes to inspire her listeners to feel deeply and experience a sense of belonging. And with eight new songs out and three more on the way, Monrow aims to make her mark on the country-rock scene for years to come.