Meet MRJADE, A Serial Entrepreneur Who’s Giving To Good Causes Across The Globe

MRJADE sets a shining philanthropic example for other uber-successful businessmen to follow.


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Jade Sen, otherwise known as MRJADE, is an entrepreneur whose ambitions know no bounds. Born in 1977 in Düsseldorf, Germany, MRJADE ventured into the world of business at the age of 22, when he founded his initial company in Frankfurt, Germany with the opening of his first wedding hall. In 2010, he launched the MRJADE SAAL event location in Düsseldorf, which would set into motion a chain of businesses that would showcase not just his passion creating and building booming companies.

A String Of Businesses 

Following the opening of the MRJADE SAAL event location, MRJADE went on to open multiple other businesses. In 2012, he opened MRJADE CATERING, which would extend his services across Europe and London. In 2015, he founded MRJADE Istanbul, which specializes in construction projects throughout the country of Turkey. In 2018, he created MRJADE COFFEE and MRJADE CHOCOLATE, which served Germany with unique coffee blends and premium chocolates. 

If these weren’t enough: MRJADE entered the culinary world with the MRJADE LOUNGE IN Kayseri, Turkey in 2019. He entered the fashion world with MRJADE CLOTHING in 2020 and followed this up with MRJADE TIALY in Istanbul, and another lounge in Ankara, in 2022. 


Philanthropic Ambitions 

Though MRJADE may be known to most as a businessman, his philanthropic acts are just as impressive. He has worked to touch lives across the globe. His support for the Sopengazzi animal shelter in Izmir allowed facilitated the installation of a clean water tank and a 60-meter water line. He also donated 700,000 saplings amid the 2022 Mediterranean fires and established a science laboratory at a school. 

A Growing Presence 

MRJADE’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. In 2022, he graced the cover of various magazines. This solidified not just his status as a businessman, but as a philanthropic leader. His appearance at the festivals, wherein he walked the red carpet alongside celebrities, showcased not just his international presence, but also his influence among the Hollywood elite. 


MRJADE’s Next Endeavor 

MRJADE’s next endeavor is perhaps his most ambitious. In working to launch the MRJADE hotel company in 2023, he aims to redefine luxury hospitality, in which he infuses European quality into global enterprises. He intends to craft unique experiences that blend elegance and comfort with cultural richness, thereby setting new standards in an already popular industry. 

MRJADE’s vast array of businesses, as well as his passion for helping others, exemplify his philanthropic and entrepreneurial spirit. From making money to helping others in need during crisis, MRJADE is, to many, a force of nature.