Meet Rising Singer/Songwriter Isabelle Fries

The “What Can I Do” singer is ready to blow up.

(Photo: Rowan Daly; Glam: Joel Sebastian; Styling: Derek Warbuton; Produced By: Jorge Perez. Jr.)

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The music industry is home to hundreds of incredible talents who have continued to defy the odds and cement their spots despite the brutal competition and other numerous challenges. Isabelle Fries is one of these great talents who is now using her incredible sound to share her story and encourage her listeners through her inspirational songs.

But what makes Isabelle stand out is her journey to the top and deep passion for the music scene, which has helped her create timeless tunes. 

In a world where fame clouds the mind, Isabelle has learned the art of creating authentic and impactful singles, and she is using her platform to be the voice of the unheard.

Isabelle is an American singer and humanitarian who made her debut in the music scene almost three years ago. But she had started her journey way before that. According to the talented singer and songwriter, she uncovered her passion for music when she was a kid.

Isabelle loves and enjoys listening to different artists, and she says this fueled her passion for music, and she wanted to learn more about the industry and how to create great songs. Isabelle invested in her dream, honing her music skills, and with time, she began writing and composing her own songs.

(Photo: Rowan Daly; Glam: Joel Sebastian; Styling: Derek Warbuton; Produced By: Jorge Perez. Jr.)

Isabelle has released various singles, including “Just A Dreamer,” “Scrapbook,” and her most recent song, “What Can I Do.” As a humanitarian, she says that her goal is to use her music to help and support people as she shows her fans that they too can rise above their obstacles.

She is using her platform to be a light to others as she encourages her listeners to pass the torch on to those going through difficult situations. In her most recent single, “What Can I Do,” Isabelle stresses the importance of being there for someone and being kind to those around you. 

She is also using her songs to empower and motivate up-and-coming artists and young entrepreneurs. “It can be hard to reach the top. However, it is not impossible,” says Isabelle. 

Despite the numerous challenges, Isabelle has continued to rise high as the phoenix, setting new standards in the music industry. She has refused to let anything get between her and her dreams.

Isabelle has worked with top names in the music industry, including multi-Grammy-winning producer and mix engineer Rob Chiarelli. Her songs have been selected for various awards, with “Just A Dreamer” gaining over one million streams on YouTube.

She is also a board member of The Global Livingston Institute and the founder of the Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community, a foundation based in Uganda that helps young girls and boys access free education and other basic amenities.

The Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community Foundation uses music to inspire and encourage others as they help implement sports, music, and other extracurricular activities in the school. Isabelle and her team are equally developing better recycling initiatives and teaching water safety in Lake Bunyonyoni.

What started as a young girl’s dream is now a huge project changing lives. Isabelle has taken her passion for music and is using her talent to create a safe space in the world as she encourages people to fight for their goals. She is a prolific voice who gives people direction and a sense of purpose and shows the public that it is okay to be vulnerable.