NZT-48’s Jas Mathur On How His Floyd Mayweather-Approved Brain Booster Helps Athletes & Celebs

NZT-48 is an industry-leading natural nootropic specially designed for high performers and achievers.

(Limitless X Inc.)

Presented by Tom White

For professional athletes like undefeated former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, mental acuity is as important as peak physical health.

In a high-stakes boxing match, athletes know it is not just their physical strength that will be tested but their minds too. They’ll have to make decisions in split seconds, anticipate and counter their opponent’s move, plan their next punch, maintain a high level of focus, and calculate a million risks, all while staying in optimal health. The secret sauce? The NZT-48 pill, a powerful, first-of-its-kind supplement.

Launched by Limitless X, a direct-response marketing company specializing in beauty and wellness products, and in partnership with Floyd Mayweather, NZT-48 is an industry-leading natural brain booster specially designed for high performers and achievers. “Limitless products are formulated with high-quality ingredients and proprietary formulas that have been tested and built for our customers’ needs and lifestyles,” explains Jas Mathur, Limitless X CEO. The company’s flagship product, NZT-48, was built for athletes, business executives, A-list music, and movie stars, etc.

As one of NZT-48’s earliest customers and advocates, Mayweather has firsthand experience with the supplement’s ability to supercharge his brain’s power. Noting that he has found the supplement helpful in enhancing mental focus and keeping his mind sharp. “Everyone needs this product,” Mayweather comments. “It helps you keep a sharp mind and helps keep you 100% focused. If you’re trying to be undefeated in life, business or even in sports, you need NZT-48.”

(Limitless X Inc.)

According to the Limitless X team, NZT-48’s power comes from over 20 of the highest-quality ingredients developed in its formulation. These rare ingredients are shipped in from around the world to an FDA-approved laboratory, where they are then manufactured in a GMP-certified facility using cutting-edge technology to produce the potent pill, NZT-48. Under the direction of world-class scientists and researchers, each ingredient is processed and purified to create a powerhouse supplement with zero fillers.

“As research into brain function grows ever more sophisticated, we’re learning that it is possible to re-wire our brains for maximum efficiency,” comments the Limitless X Team. “In precisely the same ways our muscles utilize protein to grow and increase work output, so does the brain. It requires powerful nutrients and enzymes to evolve and become more powerful.”

“These transformational co-factors, called nootropics, help forge new synaptic connections and enhance the metabolism of neuronal cells. The result is a brave new world in which humans make startling leaps of imagination, arrive at bold new solutions to once-insoluble problems, increase concentration exponentially, and experience increased motivation and enhanced mood.”

In today’s rapidly evolving world, NZT-48 is leading the way as an all-natural memory improvement supplement helping users thrive. Right from the start, the goal was to develop a product to help people stand out in a world where “massively increased cognitive function will be both a crucial edge against the competition and absolutely necessary to survive.”

After years of extensive research, NZT-48 offers the right blend that helps users achieve their goals. From winners of world titles in five divisions to business executives, NZT-48 is the trusted solution for individuals looking to enhance their mental and cognitive function in a healthy and powerful way.