Philanthropist Seth Taube On The Importance Of Giving Back To The Arts

“In a world where we are increasingly disconnected from others and ourselves, arts philanthropy can be quite an effective force for good.”

(Seth Taube)

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Most people tend to think of the arts as a form of entertainment, a pleasant way to spend an evening or a weekend afternoon. Whether at home watching a movie, attending an art exhibition at the local museum, or enjoying a live performance at the theater, the arts provide a way to unwind, relax, and have fun. However, it is at times when everything seems dark and chaotic, most of us realize the true power of the arts.

This power shows itself in many ways, changing lives, inspiring communities, and even healing us, a power that is well documented. As such, the arts are not something we should just think about and consume for entertainment. With the air of uncertainty that has shrouded the world over the past decade, it is no surprise that many philanthropists have turned to the arts as a way to make a difference.

Seth Taube is such a philanthropist, having actively donated millions of dollars over the past two decades through The Seth B. Taube Foundation. His efforts have benefited over 50 separate charities in the field of education, mental health, and of course, the arts. An artist himself, Taube can often be found playing the violin at home or a local venue, attending live performances, visiting museums, or volunteering at local arts organizations.

“The arts have the power to bring people together, inspire, and heal to a degree other human activities can’t, no matter if you are creating, consuming, or supporting them,” says Seth Taube. “In a world where we are increasingly disconnected from others and ourselves, arts philanthropy can be quite an effective force for good.”

According to a report by the Arts Consulting Group, charities in the “Arts, Culture, and Humanities” category accounted for 5% of the total charitable contributions in 2021. This represents a total of $23.5 billion being raised in Canada and the U.S., as well as a 1% increase in arts-related donations when compared to the previous year.

“I’m happy to see that a change is happening. People tend to prefer an immediate and tangible outcome, which is why donating to food banks or health institutions is more popular,” explains Seth Taube. “I donate to such efforts myself as they are important, but I believe that most people take the arts for granted.”

And it’s not just Seth who sees the value of arts philanthropy. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, and business leaders all over the world are increasingly involved in supporting the arts. From Scooter Braun acquiring the iconic Broad Foundation building to use as a “facility for art, music, and culture” to Kathie Lee Gifford-backed ViciNFT’s use of NFTs to raise funds for charity, arts philanthropy might very quickly become mainstream in the future.

“The arts are not just about creating beautiful things. They also are about healing from trauma, gaining hope about the future, and making sense of difficult moments. No matter what one’s background, the arts should be accessible to all,” concludes Seth Taube.

“We all have felt the power of a painting, song, book, or sculpture, just like we can all help others experience it. If you can donate to the arts, do it. If you can’t, take advantage of current opportunities.”