Relationship Coach Couple Explains How To Revive A Failing Marriage

Kathryn and Cass Morrow reveal the hidden secrets behind resetting even the most toxic marriages.

(Cass Morrow)

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In marriage, staying committed usually isn’t the problem. Keeping the love alive is much harder.  Usually, women are the ones who work tirelessly to keep their families together.

According to Kathryn Morrow, the founder of the White Picket Fence Project, most of her clients are committed to their husbands but they have fallen completely out of love with them. They’re only sticking around for the sake of their children. 

This is something Kathryn has deep personal experience of, after experiencing years of toxic and abusive behaviour from her husband. She settled for much less than she deserved because she was terrified of tearing her family apart. 

Keeping your family together is one thing. But getting the passion back? That’s a whole other story. If you’ve tried every trick in the book and nothing is working, sometimes the easiest fix is a complete marriage reset. 

After spending years working on himself, Kathryn’s husband Cass Morrow realized how important it was to save his marriage. Now, he teaches men all around the world how to do it too.

The Morrows are a power couple in the relationship coaching space, working with their clients individually to keep families together and create long-term passionate marriages. Here are the three things Cass thinks you need to know. 

Communication Is NOT Key 

We’re told that constant communication with our partners will improve our relationships. But it needs to be the right kind of communication. 

Cass explains, “Not knowing how to communicate but doing it anyway is worse than not communicating at all. You need to have the skills to deal with conflict without resorting to defensiveness, blame, and contempt towards your wife.”

Skip The Therapy

Cass firmly believes that therapy has a major flaw that nobody is willing to address: It teaches you the theory of communication, but never how to implement it.

He continues, “Even role-playing scenarios aren’t super helpful because they never include the emotions you will feel in the moment. Therapy brings you back in time, but not to where things were good. You’re reliving old trauma instead.”

Your Partner’s Past Is Your Problem 

You fell in love with everything about your partner—including their baggage.

That means that their past is your problem. And the key way to resolve and correct trauma is through positive experiences.

Cass explains, “Your partner’s trauma didn’t bother you at the beginning of your relationship because your time together was full of great experiences. A full marriage reset starts with approaching each other positively.”

For example, if trauma in your relationship is created because you get aggressive and yell about your needs, a switch to positive communication is needed. 

“If your gut reaction is to attack your partner with blame, defensiveness, and contempt, you need to communicate differently. Try laughing and joking together—banter does an incredible job of diffusing tension.”

You might be wondering why Cass and Kathryn work individually with their clients, rather than together. The reason is simple: When a relationship is in crisis, it is typically one party who takes the lead to fix it. 

Cass explains, “Kathryn’s work is incredible for women who want to keep their families together. But sometimes an extra step is needed to fix a marriage and rediscover the passion that’s been missing. My Marriage Reset program teaches men how to act, react, and show up consistently so their wives fall in love with them all over again.”

The Marriage Reset program is a step-by-step guide that teaches men how to inspire, lead, and motivate their wives back into their marriage—no matter how bad things have gotten.

Cass and Kathryn have been through some of the most challenging relationship obstacles imaginable and have come out the other side with more love, respect, and ability to communicate than they ever thought possible. Now, they are dedicating their lives to helping you get back on track much faster than they did.

What are you waiting for? As Cass says, “Go get your wife!”

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