The Top 5 Super Greens Powders For Your Health

A super greens powder—a dietary supplement made from dehydrated vegetables, fruits and greens—can offer a hassle-free way to pack gut-balancing nutrients into your diet.


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A balanced gut biome is a crucial part over maintaining good overall health, but gnawing on kale salads and chugging kombucha every morning isn’t exactly convenient. However, a super greens powder—a dietary supplement made from dehydrated vegetables, fruits and greens—can offer a hassle-free way to pack gut-balancing nutrients into your diet. Below are five of the most popular super greens powders on the market.  

Rewind Greens 

Many super greens powders have a pungent, earthy taste and a gritty or chalky texture. What sets Rewind Greens apart in the super green powders realm is its naturally sweet flavor, a rarity in green powders. Despite having no added sugars, green powder drink is a tasty treat when mixed with plain water. Its four flavors also blend well into smoothies or other beverages. Some reviewers say you can’t even  taste the greens in this super green powder. 

Rewind Greens are currently available in Cherry Delight, Pineapple Dream, Blueberry Acai Bliss, Peach paradise, and a limited-edition flavor of Banana French Toast. Rewind Greens can be mixed into other recipes, like energy bars, chia pudding, and breakfast bowls. This versatility, along with their sweet flavor, makes them a good choice for families with veggie-averse kids (and picky husbands). 

Rewind Greens doesn’t sacrifice health benefits to deliver all those flavors. None of its flavors contain more than 1 gram of sugar or 4 grams of net carbs. Rewind Greens contain over 40 superfoods, vitamins, and minerals designed to support immunity and detoxification, improve energy, reduce inflammation, and promote gut health. Rewind Greens products are also vegan; non-gmo; gluten- nut-, dairy-, and egg-free; and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. 


Bloom Greens & Superfoods are a TikTok favorite, with tons of influencer cred and a cult-like following. Founder Mari Llewellyn launched the company after changing up her lifestyle. Bloom Greens, like other super greens products, may also help relieve bloating, support digestion, and promote energy. 

Bloom Greens are conveniently packaged in single-serving stick packs for on-the-go mixing and drinking. You can throw one in your purse or pocket for the work day, the gym, or whenever the need for greens hits. Bloom Greens are dairy-free, gluten-free, and plant-based, and available in a range of tasty fruit flavors. A handful of users complain, however, that the texture is a bit too powdery, and the product may settle to the bottom of your cup. 

Bloom Greens are sweetened with stevia and contain probiotics, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and fiber. A serving comes in at just 15-20 calories and 3-4 grams of total carbohydrates. The Bloom company also offers a range of other supplements, health products, and even branded accessories. Other offerings include collagen peptides, pre-workout, whey isolate protein, and pure matcha powder. 


AG1, another social media darling, positions itself as the true athlete’s super greens powder. Its campaigns include “on-the-streets” convos with marathon runners, as well as chats with professional athletes and even doctors. Many other greens powders are designed to work well mixed in with other drinks or into baked goods. However, AG1 focuses more on meal prep tips, while its own product is meant to be served on the side. 

AG1 contains niche specialty ingredients like functional mushrooms and stress adaptogens. Examples include ashwagandha root, which may support the body’s natural stress response. Rhodiola root is said to help users improve resilience against both physical and mental stressors. CoQ10 and phospholipids may support cellular metabolism, with the latter supporting skin, as well as brain and cardiovascular function. 

AG1 comes in only a single flavor, which is purported to taste like pineapple and vanilla. Like Bloom, it’s available in convenient single serving travel packs, as well as pouch and canister form. The most expensive of the powders on this list, a 30-day supply of AG1 sells for $79 per month and up. The site offers a subscription service that delivers a fresh supply every 30 days. AG1 needs to be refrigerated after opening, since it contains ingredients like live cultures. 

Amazing Grass 

Amazing Grass is a plant-based, no-sugar, non-gmo, gluten-free, certified organic and Kosher-certified super greens powder. Three flavors are available: original, berry, and chocolate. The product line also includes specialty blends for mood, antioxidants, energy, detox, and immunity. Amazing Grass also offers other not-strictly-greens blends in a variety of flavors including passion fruit citrus, tangerine, and elderberry. 

Some reviewers say Amazing Grass products have an aftertaste and an off smell. However, perhaps more than other powders, Amazing Grass products are designed to blend well into other recipes. The company’s website features a variety of crave-worthy recipes like chocolate tiramisu pancakes and pumpkin mug cake.

Amazing Grass is notable for its commitment to making a positive community impact with its designated “Board of Change Makers.” This cohort of volunteers within the company focuses on the four main areas: nutrition, sustainability, education, and diversity & inclusion. The company and its volunteers say they’re committed to fighting malnutrition, supporting sustainable agriculture, preventing climate change, supporting children’s education, and more. 

Garden Of Life Perfect Food Green Superfood 

Garden of Life gives more of a crunchy, hippie vibe than some of its newer competitors. The company’s products have been on health food store shelves for nearly a quarter of a century.

Garden of Life super greens powders contain 40 nutrient-dense, organically grown greens, sprouts, and vegetable juices. Its grasses are juiced and cold-temperature dried at the farm less than an hour after harvesting. Garden of Life super greens are six times more concentrated with organic grasses than other whole leaf grass powders. They also contain no artificial sweetener—any sweetness comes from natural fruit and veggie juices. 

Garden of Life super greens contain an antioxidant blend, a sprout blend, and a raw probiotic and enzyme blend for maximum nutritional benefit. The product may support digestion, detoxification, immunity, and metabolism. It can also promote the maintenance of already healthy blood sugar levels. The only downside is that some users say it has a grainy texture. And, more than some other super greens powders, you can really taste the vegetables. 

Finding A Balance 

Choosing the right super greens powder ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want the absolute healthiest product, or the one that tastes the best and fits most easily into your lifestyle? Are you concerned with avoiding additives, sweeteners, or do you need to avoid certain allergens? Is cost a factor, and if so, what’s your super greens budget? 

When choosing a super greens powder, also remember the product is just one piece of the puzzle. To see the most benefits, make your greens powder part of an active, healthy lifestyle. The benefits of super greens powders are numerous. They’re a convenient way to introduce many important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your diet. That said, there’s no escaping the fact that ideally, you should eat actual fruits and vegetables a few times a day.