Why 2023 Will Be Enterpriser Jordan Lintz’s ‘Jordan Year’

The founder of the HighKey Enterprises public relations company is gearing up for his most successful year to date.

(HighKey Enterprises)

Presented by Tom White

Michael Jordan and Jordan Lintz share a few superficial attributes. Michael’s last name is Lintz’s first name. They both stand 6 feet 6 inches tall, and they both have have two brothers.

A deeper look, however, reveals a deeper connection. Jordan’s career was marked by the successful interplay between his one-man-show skills and his ability to be a team player who elevated others.

Lintz’s enterpriser career, especially his tenure as one of the owners and the CMO of HighKey Enterprises, shows the same features. And he believes that 2023, the “Jordan Year” of this century (named thusly for Jordan’s No. 23 jersey), might be the most successful year for his company.

HighKey Enterprises is a Puerto Rico-based public relations company that handles everything from press and TV features for its clients to social media and celebrity collaborations. The three Lintz brothers—Jordan, Luke, and Jackson—own the company.

For his role in the company and the strategic direction he chose for it, Lintz wanted to find ways to emulate the basketball GOAT. “I get asked a lot if I was named after Michael Jordan, and as far as I know, I wasn’t,” Lintz explains. “And I wasn’t watching basketball until I was older. But when I did and went back to see how Michael Jordan played, I saw how intense he was to win, and I wanted to learn from it.”

Lintz wanted to find a way to be the winner in what he was doing—running a successful PR company—but also for his teammates to be the winners. He had to ensure his performance was the best he could be. Before HighKey Enterprises built out the team they had now, he had no trouble going all-in and securing the revenue for the company.

Building a team, however, took this relationship with the business to a whole new level. At that point, Lintz could work with people who also wanted to win—people with whom he could achieve great things.

“We work remotely, and that’s an amazing perk as it allows us to tap the best international talent,” Lintz explains. “But we’re looking for people who primarily care for what they’re doing. Because we care—about the clients, our brand, and doing the best possible work.”

HighKey Enterprises’ company culture is based on several tenets that underpin Lintz and his brothers’ vision for the team they want to build in the company. These postulates of company culture include competitive greatness, adaptability, transparency, addressing and solving problems head-on, and loyalty.

Still, even with all of those core values in place, different teams require different kinds of people. For some, especially the sales team who work on commission, handling the pressure and rolling with the highs and the lows is a requirement.

“Someone might have a slow week, without a single sale, and then absolutely kill it the next week or the week after,” he says. “And it takes a certain mindset to have people ready to fail and bounce back. You also have to work with those people differently and know how to motivate them.”

Sales are one of the things HighKey Enterprises plans to focus on in 2023. The idea is to have the team double in size and boost client acquisition. The company already spent the second half of 2022 testing the waters and going on a slow offensive. In 2023, HighKey Enterprises is getting ready to go all the way.

“We also plan to increase our account management and production staff, too, to follow the growth of our client base,” says Lintz. “But the focus stays on building teams that know how to work together, have clear game plans, and are all on the same page with what’s expected of them. And then, we can string one win for our clients after another and be like Jordan-led Bulls in all the finals they played.”