Why Model Marco Donatelli Is Keeping His Mom’s Memory Alive

“Everything I do, I’m doing to honor my mother and make her proud.”

(Marco Donatelli)

Presented by Luke Lintz

Everyone needs a role model that motivates and propels them forward. That may be why most people strive to find a place where they belong and surround themselves with like-minded people.

However, as a former college athlete turned famous influencer/model, Marco Donatelli explains we don’t have to search far and wide. “Inspiration we need in life can be right beside us.”

For him, the biggest inspiration and influence in his life was his loving mother. Throughout his life, she has always been his support and found ways to protect him. Even when he caused trouble and got kicked out of school, his mom had his back. That’s why Donatelli sees her not only as a mother and support system but also as a best friend.

“My mom was a firework. Even when I was in trouble, she told me I reminded her of her young age,” explains Marco. His mother even told him that one day he would become famous.

“My mom always said I had a face people wanted to see,” he adds. “And at first, I didn’t believe a word she said.”

He wanted to become famous his whole life, but he always thought it would be because of his football skills. In a twist of fate, he went down a completely different path.

Marco Donatelli’s rise to fame began on TikTok during the COVID pandemic after one of his funny videos went viral. From there, he expanded his endeavors into the fashion world as a model. He now works with world-famous brands like Calvin Klein and has plans to pursue an acting career.

However, life can often be generous and cruel at the same time. Donatelli gained fame, but he lost the greatest support he had when his mom passed away the day before Thanksgiving last year due to alcohol addiction.

As Donatelli explains, unfortunate events and the loss of loved ones are always difficult events that shake people, and he had a hard time coping with the loss of his mother. Even though he is still struggling to accept that his mom—his best friend—is gone, he doesn’t let it hold him back. Instead, he embraced all his pain and turned it into motivation.

As Marco Donatelli says, “Everyone needs to find their way of channeling bad energies and events. And I found my path. Everything I do I’m doing to honor my mother and make her proud.”

He points out that change starts with ourselves. Knowing what it’s like to have your loved ones slowly taken away by addiction, Donatelli took matters into his own hands. In hopes of helping other people, he started a GoFundMe campaign for prevention and protection from addiction (drugs and alcohol).

“I couldn’t help my mother recover from alcoholism, but I hope to save other people’s lives. It took my mom, the most sacred person in my life. I don’t want to let addiction take any more people we care about,” explains Donatelli.

While trauma and challenging events often shape people’s way of life and thinking, Donatelli does not judge his mother and her actions.

He respects the influence that his mother had on him. He also believes that she was the best mother she possibly could be. His mother taught him how to love, be a good person, and help others in need when he was still a kid. These lessons shaped the person he is today.

“She showed me what life could do for you if you are good to people. She helped me embrace the size of my heart. I am doing all of this because of her. All I am, I owe to my mother,” says Donatelli. “On behalf of everything she taught me, I want to show people the good side of life. I want them to see that no matter what happens in your life, you will be alright.”

One of his proudest success came when he helped a friend escape the claws of alcoholism. Donatelli also takes great pride in having raised awareness of prevention and protection against addiction, even if he’s saved just one life…,so far.

With that in mind, Donatelli sends an important message to the world in hopes that he will save many more.

“Protect your loved ones. Do everything that is in your power to save your loved ones from the clutches of addiction. That’s how you are gonna have them in your lives as long as possible.”