Why Roman Kislianskii Is One Of The WTA’s Most Sought-After Tennis Coaches

Kislianskii helped Yulia Putintseva become one of the top 50 players in the WTA in less than five years.

(Roman Kislianskii)

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Very few coaches in the Women’s Tennis Association have achieved Roman Kislianskii‘s level of success. With over a decade of experience working with top WTA players, Kislianskii has firmly established himself as an exceptional gold-standard coach who’s strictly devoted to helping his students reach their full potential. 

Kislianskii’s pro tennis journey began when he was just eight years old. At that age, he first picked up a racquet, and his passion was ignited, transitioning directly into playing competitively. His love for tennis only intensified as he continued to play and study the sport, eventually becoming a professional player and ranking among the top 1,200 players in the world. However, Kislianskii discovered a bit later that his true calling was coaching, not playing.

After pursuing degrees in physical education, sport, and tourism, Kislianskii set out on his coaching career, most notably training Yulia Putintseva to become one of the top 50 players in the WTA in less than five years. This incredibly impressive feat earned Kislianskii the esteemed gold-level registered coach status—a title only awarded to 115 coaches worldwide. 

Perhaps what truly distinguishes Kislianskii from the rest is his approach. His coaching philosophy is centered around creating customized training programs that cater to each player’s specific strengths and needs. Every tennis player is a unique individual, and Kislianskii’s expertise in concord movements, mental preparation, and optimized player tactics has propelled his students to astonishing success on the court. One of his most notable accomplishments was training Putintseva during her wins at the 2016 French Open and 2018 US Open quarterfinals. 

(Roman Kislianskii)

Kislianskii has worked with other top WTA players throughout his career, including Svetlana Kuznetsova—a former No. 2 singles ranking player and Grand Slam champion. He has also coached at numerous WTA events, including the Australian Open, and has upheld the sport’s sport’s highest standards of conduct and ethics.

However, at this time, Kislianskii’s driving purpose is to help his student, Milan Tyson, transition from a junior to a professionally ranked player in the WTA. With his expertise and dedication, there is no doubt that Tyson will achieve great success under Kislianskii’s guidance. 

Beyond all the accolades, Kislianskii hopes to continue helping his students reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. By carrying a sincere passion for coaching and an immovable devotion to quality, he has effectively risen to become a highly respected figure in the tennis community.

His impressive coaching credentials, dedication, and passion for the game have effectively set the standard for coaching professional tennis. As he continues to inspire and guide his students, shepherding them to the spaces best positioned for greatness, Kislianskii’s legacy will surely leave a long-lasting impact on the sport he loves.