1 Lamborghini, 2 Russian Models, and the Gumball 3000

Maxim is riding along with two Russian models in a purple Gallardo, which left Miami yesterday and finishes magically seven days later on Ibiza.

The annual Gumball 3000 is not a race, it’s a rally, with Ford GTs, Ferrari 458, Bentleys, McLarens, and an egregious quantity of Lamborghinis. It’s also the best international rolling rock-and-roll dance party ever devised. (Deadmau5 is driving this year in a Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari 458.) Maxim correspondent Stinson Carter landed the very difficult assignment of covering this year’s Gumball from behind the wheel. 

The first leg ends in New York City. The cars are then magically transported to Scotland. From there, they head south and the finish next week in Ibiza. Stinson is co-driving a purple Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder alongside two Russian models from AnastasiaDate.com, who have agreed to pay the speeding tickets. Tough gig. He will be sending daily updates and pics like the one above. Last night he texted us:

“These are the details: 1 Lambo, 2 Russian models, and 5 countries in 7 days. Meet Alisa and Margarita: our own Muscovite Danica Patricks. Now if you’ll excuse me, Deadmau5 just asked me for a smoke.”

Check out the Maxim Instagram for more photos.