The 10 Coolest Cars in Movie History, Ranked by ‘Fast N’ Loud’ Star Richard Rawlings

He would know.

Nearly every renegade, action hero and daredevil who has wowed audiences at the movies has done so with the help of a seriously badass vehicle. And there’s no one more qualified to rate Hollywood’s coolest rides than Fast N’ Loud host Richard Rawlings. From the vintage Jaguar hearse in ‘Harold and Maude’ to Burt Reynolds’ legendary Trans-Am, above are the Discovery Channel gearhead’s top picks.

People always like to ask me what my favorite car is, and immediately my eyes roll into the back of my head to try and sort that out — the truth is I can’t. I mean, if you ask a film fan what their favorite movie is, it would likely be followed by a similarly mind-numbing process. Sure, we could rattle off what first comes to mind, but can any of us really boil it down to one? 

Discovery Channel

Once you get into the make/model, the era it was built and so on, you can pretty much find many favorites. Same goes for movies — comedy, action, action comedy, drama — classic versus blockbuster, etc. It’s an apples-and-oranges thing that continually changes and evolves depending on mood, time of year, and whether or not something is retrograde. Sometimes there is nothing better than a beer, and other times a margarita made with my very own Gas Monkey Garage Tequila (personal plug) will do the trick… just depends where I’m at in that moment.

So, of course, when Maxim asked me to chime in on what my favorite film rides are, I immediately needed to lay down and take a nap from all the potential choices I had to consider. Is there anything cooler than an iconic car from a film once you put a hero or villain behind the wheel? 

Whether or not the car itself is quality is beside the point, because once it rolls on to the big screen it’s immediately redefined. I could care less about a family station wagon, but show me Clark Griswold rolling up in a Family Truckster in Vacation, and I say put me down for one and let’s head to Wally World. 

With the task at hand, I sat and thought about all the amazing cars burning rubber on the big screen and a wave of possibilities came to mind. For my list, though, I wanted to offer a wide array of great automobiles for all of us to consider. Some are absolute favorites, while others I simply admire based on the ambitiousness of what the filmmakers set out to create. So hop in and buckle up, because the cars in the gallery above are an absolute must.   

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