10 Gas-Guzzlers To Buy While Cheap Fuel Lasts

We’re going big while we can.

With gas prices falling, SUV sales in the US are up almost ten percent. It’s an exciting time, and consumers are eyeing V8s with renewed ardor. The dollar may be going farther, but memories are still short.

The thing is, while cheap gas is definitely a Christmas windfall to consumers, it’s almost bound to be a temporary relief. We live in an age of fluctuating gas prices. Refineries are susceptible to (increasingly common) severe weather events, and lest we forget, most of the countries in OPEC (Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela) have a fraught relationship with the United States. Yet no one has ever accused the American consumer of being a rational beast. So go, power-hungry hoards, and buy that Navigator.

Until the inevitable upswing, let’s celebrate these high-octane halcyon days with nine of our favorite vintage gaz-guzzlers (plus one contemporary stand-out).

Photos by Cadillac