The 10 Hottest Cars Ever Sold on eBay

The ubiquitous online auction site sells more than Beanie Babies.

Yeah, so the first item sold when eBay launched in 1995 was a broken laser printer. They’ve come up in the world since then, selling Picasso and Rembrandt artwork, a 1937 Martin D18 guitar and a $168 million Frank Mulder-designed yacht. Along the way, eBay has sold 25 million comic books and enough wristwatches to stretch from Athens to Brussels.

And don’t forget James Bond’s Lotus submarine or DMX’s belongings.

There have been some incredible cars sold on eBay Motors, the site dedicated to cars. The company compiled a list of its biggest-dollar sales, and unsurprisingly, it is heavy with Italian exotics. It should come as no surprise that an auction company that can sell yachts and Rembrandts can also sell a 2006 Bugatti Veyron, so that is the most expensive car ever sold on eBay Motors, at $1,095,000.

Today the site lists 16 cars with asking prices of a million dollars or more, so there is still time to make your mark on this list, budget permitting.

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