These 10 Yamaha Custom Builds Are a Glimpse Into the Future of Motorcycles

Each is more jaw-dropping than the last.

Yamaha supports custom bike builders with its ‘Yard Built Project‘ program that challenges customizers to apply their creativity to the company’s cool Sport Heritage models.

You won’t even recognize the hot rides in the slideshow above as the XSR700, SCR950, XSR900, VMax, Bolt, SR400 and XJR1300 models that left Yamaha’s factory.

Professional bike designers have so far built 61 amazing customized Yamahas, showing that today’s bikes have every bit as much potential for personalization as the classic bikes that are fodder for so many wallpaper photos.

Just as cool, the company has another 21 custom ‘Yard Built’ models designed by its own dealers, demonstrating that even your local dealer might be able to turn your new ride into something truly memorable.

Now we just need to get Yamaha to send us a bike to start our own project. We’ve seen this stuff on TV; it is easy, isn’t it?