This 1,000 Horsepower Electric Concept Car is a Real Shocker

The Farraday Future FFZERO1 is a 200 mph e-car with Batmobile looks.

Watch out, Tesla: There’s a wild new electric concept car looking to steal some of your e-car buzz. 

Faraday Future describes its FFZERO1 concept car as a “car of concepts.” The race car prototype contains an array of ideas that the company considers key to its future products, such as connectivity (the car has a smartphone built into the steering column), autonomous driving, ultra high performance, and a foundation the company terms “Variable Platform Architecture.”

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This skateboard-style architecture puts wheels at the four corners of a flat plank that contains the car’s batteries. The electric motors can be installed at the front or back of the car, or both. The FFZERO1 Concept uses electric motors mounted inside each of its wheels for maximum power output.

This inventive architecture lets Faraday easily stretch it longer or wider, depending on the vehicle, adding or subtracting batteries as appropriate and using more or fewer motors. 

In the case of the FFZERO1 Concept, the company has applied the maximum number of electric motors for a total of 1,000 horsepower, which can accelerate the car to 60 MPH in less than 3 seconds (like Tesla’s Insane Mode) and reach more than 200 MPH.

Of course, so far Faraday and the FFZERO1 are what the tech industry commonly refers to as “vaporware,” because there aren’t any real products available. 

Faraday is promising not only to make good on production of actual cars (though not necessarily anything resembling the FFZERO1), but to do so in high volume using a 3 million square foot Las Vegas plant that will employ 4,500 people.

“What we’ve announced illustrates the strength of our team, vision, partnerships and speed,” said Nick Sampson, senior vice president of research and product development for Faraday. 

“We’re a forward-thinking company focused on the future of mobility, but we also share a passion for driving and performance. On our platform, electric vehicles will not only deliver on sustainability, but will be seamlessly connected and exhilarating to drive.”

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