The $1,000,000 Mercedes G63 Stops Bullets, Eats Corollas

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the dictator in your life.

Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing may be based in Toronto, but the business has facilities in Dubai and plenty of loyal customers in Moscow. The company specializes in taking luxury automobiles, take a stretch model of the Mercededs G63, and coming up with options the suits back in Stuttgart never would have considered. For their latest trick, the company has added bulletproof siding and windows to a stretch-UV then kitted out the inside in plush leather, exotic wood, and hyper-modern tech. What does that mean for the proud owner – if not driver – of the armored Mercedes G63? Drinking Courvoisier while watching Seinfeld reruns and making a grocery run in Eritrea is a very real option (albeit an odd one).

Lest your enemies – and, let’s be real, if you’re driving this thing you have enemies – decide to mount an assault, the car also has an indoor exhaust system that can recirculate air in only a minute and a pistol holder designed for quick, easy use. A button allows passengers to switch the lighting situation into a romantic mode so if you feel like putting down the Courvoisier and trying something else while driving through downtown Asmara, then you can give that a go as well.

Photos by Mercedes Benz